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 Best Salesforce Training in Pune


At current, the world is witnessing a huge wave in Cloud Computing Technologies. One such technology which has emerged as the brightest star in the world of computing is Salesforce & we at Guidance Point is delivering the best Salesforce Training in Pune. Basically, Salesforce was not just regarding a better product at a division of cost. It was about substituting the lengthy installation method & relocating everything digitally. 

The two key points which are the outcome of this tech are:-

  • 1.      No more long term leases
  • 2.      No more costly deals
  • 3.      Requires only 50$ monthly for the subscription 

Being a CRM based app, Salesforce is built on a Force platform.

This will manage the customer interactions of the organization through various media, such as site email inquiries, phone calls, social media, and communities.

Salesforce handles customer relationships, just by focusing on its marketing, sales, and support processes.

Guidance Point has the well-structured and highly-advanced Best Salesforce training program in Pune. Our training and certification courses will surely help you in maximizing the richness of your Marketing, Sales, and Admin tasks just by tapping on the high resources of Salesforce.

In our course i.e Salesforce training in Pune, you will get hands-on expertise for developing and managing applications for the highly popular CRM products of the world.

Our best Salesforce training in Pune will make you ready to pass two Salesforce exams, as well as teach you the administrative functions of CRM.

You will learn customization and analytics skills to modify the system for the specific implementation & master declarative capabilities of platform in order to create new applications.

Our Salesforce training classes in Pune can help you to learn how you can configure Salesforce so that you can collect, retrieve and analyze the important information linked with your client base.

Furthermore, you can make use of fundamentals in order to understand Salesforce application development and deployment of the next-generation cloud applications.

At Guidance Point, we provide practical learning that ensures job success.

Career Scope:-

Regarding career possibilities, Salesforce is gonna be a very influential area in which an individual can look for a brighter career. As we all are aware of the fact that if the demand will increase the supply of the material has to be increased(Demand Supply Chain) and hence there is gonna be an enormous demand for the opportunities for the individuals in this distinct field as supply has to be fulfilled in order to maintain the demand-supply chain.

Basically, there are two major careers in this field:-

  • 1.      Admin
  • 2.      Developer

for more information regarding the career scope in Salesforce please read this article

Why opt for this course?

The Best Salesforce training in Pune will assist you to transform your professional profile, enable you to help the company to gain immensely, as well as gives an amazing experience of contentment to your client base.

Furthermore, it helps you as a person to earn the credentials essential for career growth. Even though you hail from the non-coding or non-developer background, it is never very late to begin learning Salesforce course from the best salesforce and cloud computing institute in Pune. 

Why Choose Our Salesforce Course In Pune?

  • 1.      We've experienced and certified trainers.
  • 2.      After completion of the salesforce course program, we offer 100% of job placement to our students.
  • 3.      We will train you in different modules of our salesforce training, which grants complete knowledge on this subject.
  • 4.      We focus on both practical and theoretical learning in our salesforce Training Centres in Pune.
  • 5.      Our salesforce training fees are highly affordable.
  • 6.      We will keep you updated about the latest trends that will help you to get ready for the job.
  • 7.      We have got multiple branches that will allow our students from across the city to enroll in our cloud computing training courses in Pune.
  • 8.      We run different batches on weekdays & weekends so that you may join the batch which suits your schedule.

Who Can Learn our Course?

Our Salesforce training course is appropriate for the candidates who are looking to build their careers in Salesforce.

Salesforce is the platform that is used by the company all across the world as well as in each sector. It gives rise to the whole ecosystem of Cloud Computing through Salesforce.

Such an ecosystem will create over 1 million jobs in the future as well as have to lead to several best salesforce training in Pune that will meet the job demand.

The most important positions are of the Salesforce Administrator:-

  • 1.      Developers
  • 2.      App Builders
  • 3.      Sales Representatives
  • 4.      System Administrators
  • 5.      Product Managers
  • 6.      IT Managers


  • ·         Free Demo Sessions
  • ·         100% Guaranteed Placement
  • ·         Trained 3000+ Candidates from 2010 - 11
  • ·         Get Study Material Prepared by Industry Experts
  • ·         Resume & Interview Preparation by Experts
  • ·         Weekend and Regular Batches
  • ·         Flexible Timings

Course Overview:-

The Course consists of the subsequent modules which include theory and practical sessions

  • 1.      Introducing the concept of Cloud Computing
  • 2.      Introduction of cloud vendors (Salesforce)
  • 3.      Sketch of each of three building blocks in cloud applications
  • 4.      SAAS (
  • 5.      PAAS (
  • 6.      IAAS
  • 7.      Overview of Database Concepts
  • 8.      Database structure
  • 9.      Normal (Excel-based) Database Vs. Relational (Salesforce) Database
  • 10.  Benefits & Use of Relational Database
  • 11.  Introducing the Platform
  • 12.  Understanding of Standard Objects
  • 13.  Standard Object Flow (SAAS)

Creation of a Free Developer Account:-

  • 1.
  • 2.      (This org will be practiced to develop and test the application throughout the entire Course)
  • 3.      Building a Simple App
  • 4.      Becoming familiar with the Setup Area
  • 5.      Introduction of Standard Objects
  • 6.      Introduction of Custom Objects
  • 7.      Inception of Tabs, Standard & Custom Fields, Detail Page, and Related Lists
  • 8.      Enhancement of the App


  • 1.      Examples of Relationship
  • 2.      Harmony of each Relationship with a useful business case
  • 3.      Differentiation within One-to-Many and Many-to-Many
  • 4.      Introduction of Primary-Keys & Foreign-Keys (Conceptual Knowledge)
  • 5.      Roll-up Summery Field

Formula & Cross Object Formula Field:-

  • 1.      Guidance as well as Hand-on with Date, Text and number formulas
  • 2.      Securities in the Salesforce App
  • 3.      Object Level Securities
  • 4.      Explain different object-wise permissions and their impact
  • 5.      Contrast between reading Vs. View All, Edit Vs. Modify All
  • 6.      Record Level Agreements
  • 7.      Describe OWD (Organization-Wide Default)
  • 8.      Record sharing using Roll-Hierarchy
  • 9.      Describe Sharing Rules
  • 10.  Manual Sharing
  • 11.  Field Level Securities
  • 12.  Field Properties
  • 13.  Unique property
  • 14.  External id (Considered in Data Management)
  • 15.  Required property
  • 16.  Business Logic Implementation

Rules for Automation:-

  • 1.      Validation Law (Run on highest priority for the App)
  • 2.      Workflow (Time-Dependent & time-independent)
  • 3.      Task Rule
  • 4.      Auto-Response Rule (Live sample with Web-to-Lead functionality)
  • 5.      Increase Rule
  • 6.      Introduction and usage of Record Type
  • 7.      Introduction and use of Different Page-Layouts using Record-Type
  • Approval Process:-
  • 1.      Single-step Approval
  • 2.      Multi-steps Approval
  • 3.      Differentiation between Workflow rule & Approval process
  • 4.      Email to approve the request
  • 5.      SOQL & SOSL
  • 6.      Introduction of SOQL & SOSL
  • 7.      Enlightenment of Queries traversing from Child to Parent object
  • 8.      Introduction of Queries crossing from Parent to Child object
  • 9.      Introduction of Aggregate Queries
  • 10.  Introduction of Semi-Join & Anti-Join
  • 11.  Field Semi-Join & Anti-Join
  • 12.  Reference Semi-Join & Anti-Join
  • 13.  Complex Business Logic Implementation
  • 14.  Introduction of Apex
  • 15.  Introduction of Collection Types, Loops & DML Comments
  • 16.  Knowledge of Traditional FOR LOOP & Advance FOR LOOP
  • 17.  Knowledge of Loops with SOQLs
  • 18.  Implementation of Apex-Trigger
  • 19.  Knowledge & Use of Trigger Context Variables
  • 20.  Data Management
  • 21.  Introduction Import-Wizard
  • 22.  Some Standard Objects and All Custom Objects will be supported
  • 23.  De-Duplication as the default behavior
  • 24.  Management of External IDs
  • 25.  Start & Use of Apex Data-Loader
  • 26.  Use of various actions (Call) like Import, Update, Upsert, etc.
  • 27.  Also Supported by CLI
  • 28.  Difference between Import-Wizard & Data-Loader

Introduction of MVC Architecture:-

  • 1.      Data Model
  • 2.      View
  • 3.      Controller
  • 4.      Report & Dashboard


  • 1.      Start of Report Types (Standard Report Type & Custom Report Type)
  • 2.      Start of Types of Report
  • 3.      Tabular Report
  • 4.      Summary Report
  • 5.      Matrix Report
  • 6.      Join Report
  • 7.      Feature of the SFDC Report
  • 8.      Custom Summary Formula field
  • 9.      Bucket Filed
  • 10.  Condition High-lighting
  • 11.  Scheduling report for a future run


  • 1.      Introduction of different dashboard components and their usage
  • 2.      Selection of the Element to meet the given requirement
  • 3.      Dashboard Settings
  • 4.      Formatting of the Different Graphs (Components)
  • 5.      Drill down to the root report while clicking on the graphs
  • 6.      Dashboard Driving User concept

Building a Visualforce (Custom) Page for the App:-

  • 1.      Introduction of Visualforce Pages
  • 2.      Difference between Standard Controller & (Custom) Controller
  • 3.      Hands-on to Create a List-view, Detail-Page, Copy the page as PDF when clicking a Button or Link
  • 4.      Hands-on to display data in a Table format, enabling pagination, calling an action on a Button or Link, etc.
  • 5.      Use of JavaScript in VF-pages. (Adding dependencies, etc.)
  • 6.      Overview of other capabilities
  • 7.      Different type of Sandboxes and their usage
  • 8.      Enable Web-to-Lead (or Web-to-Case) for the Org
  • 9.      Inception of Site.Com and creation of site using it
  • 10.  Introduction of Debug Logs
  • 11.  Learning Apex & Deployment Tools
  • 12.  Introduction of Apex Classes
  • 13.  Invoke a class or its method via Triggers
  • 14.  Practice as a Controller for a VF page
  • 15.  Contrast between Controller & Extension
  • 16.  Start of test class & methods to cover Apex

Deployment Tools:-

  • 1. IDE (Eclipse Plugin)
  • 2. Migration Tool (Ant-Based)
  • 3.      One live Project:- (Two weeks)
  • 4.      Deployment using Changeset
  • 5.      Data Migration
  • 6.      Exercising apex data loader from CSV to salesforce & vice versa
  • 7.      Using jitterbit Dataloader from any database to Salesforce & vice versa

Data Integration:-

  • 1.      Real-time integration on cross platforms


Upon thriving completion of this course, you will be given a course completion certificate. We are an approved Pearson Vue and Psi best Salesforce training institute in Pune. Hence, if you want to apply for global certifications, then you are most welcome to give tests at our centers for convenience.

About Trainers:-

  • 1.      Well qualified industry experts
  • 2.      Worked on live projects related to this domain
  • 3.      Having hand-on industry experience of almost 5 years
  • 4.      Trained more than 500+ students


  • 2.      Scheduler class
  • 3.      Batch class
  • 4.      Creational Pattern
  • 5.      Structural design patterns
  • 6.      Behavioral Design Patterns
  • 7.      Design Pattern (Only taken by us)   

Our Salesforce Training Centres in Pune:-

  • 1.      Kothrud
  • 2.      Shivajinagar
  • 3.      Wakad
  • 4.      Deccan
  • 5.      Karvenagar
  • 6.      Chinchwad
  • 7.      Swargate
  • 8.      MG road
  • 9.      Camp
  • 10.  Pune Satara Road

Top Companies Using Salesforce:-

  • 1.      Accenture
  • 2.      Deloitte
  • 3.      IBM
  • 4.      PwC
  • 5.      Wipro
  • 6.      Cognizant
  • 7.      TCS
  • 8.      Capgemini
  • 9.      NTT Data

Popular degrees with salaries:-

  • 1.      Bachelor of Technology(B-Tech)                            Rs 223,820 - Rs1,965,270
  • 2.      Bachelor Of Engineering(BE)                                   Rs 630,766 - Rs2,653,115
  • 3.      Master of Business Administration(MBA)           Rs 3,300,000

Students Reviews:-

Sarojani Patole –

One of the greatest experiences of my life. Trainers are really very experienced and they exactly know how to deal with the students of different mental levels. Not only theory but practical sessions are also crucial in salesforce training and this institute balances the both quite impressively.

Rohit Khot –

After attending the salesforce classes in Guidance PointI really feel that I have gained a lot in this particular field. The nature and experience of trainers are really commendable. Webinars, workshops & live projects are implemented in the course just to give the student a glimpse of the real world. I am fully satisfied with what they have taught me.

Aabid Ali –

I always wanted to learn salesforce and Guidance Point has helped me in achieving my dream. The atmosphere in the classes and in the labs is really very cool and friendly. 100% placement is like a bonus for us. I have talked to the ex-students and seniors and I have got +ve reviews from them regarding placements.

Priyanka Patil -

Hello to all.

Myself Priyanka Patil, I have completed my salesforce course from Guidance Point & also got placed. The efforts which trainers & the placement cell of the institute put on the students is impressive. The overall structure of the institute and courses are pretty good. Most importantly the trainers of the institute really experienced. I loved their way of teaching and approach toward the student.

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