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PHP Training


PHP is the most important open source server-side web programming language used for creating dynamic web pages. PHP was originally created as a simple scripting platform. But today it aroused as an alternative to Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. It is the most popular scripting language usually used in conjunction with a MySQL database. PHP provides a specialized host and it has the feature to embed into HTML. The knowledge of PHP enables you to build Websites, Web applications, Content Management systems like Facebook, WordPress, Twitter or even Google too. As PHP is globally used scripting language, PHP Training in Pune necessary to get good job in Software companies.

PHP training course in Pune will help to get knowledge of PHP programming and important aspects such as object-oriented programming, MySQL, Ajax, coordinator, WordPress, API and Web Services, payment gateway integration and SMS integration. The training will improve your understanding of syntax rules, data type, data structures, re-usability principle, modules, packages etc.

Guidancepoint provide Best PHP Training in Pune. Our practical and job oriented approach towards learning process made us different from other training institutes. We have zend certified PHP experts who are experienced working professional to teach you tricks regarding PHP.

Applications :

  • ·         Image Processing and Graphic Design
  • ·         Web Content Management Systems
  • ·         GUI-Based Applications
  • ·         Create Flash
  • ·         E - Commerce Applications
  • ·         Data Representation
  • ·         Web Pages and Web-Based Applications


Majority of websites and applications use PHP worldwide. The PHP training class in Pune will enable you to get good salary job or work on your own. It offers you to work online and as a freelancer for global software companies. There are big job opportunities after completing PHP training. Once you did the training, you will definitely get good salary job. There are great career opportunities in PHP. Guidancepoint is a PHP training institute in pune guarantees you a job after taking advanced php training in pune and assures you 100% placement.


  • ·         Free Demo Sessions
  • ·         100% Guaranteed Placement
  • ·         Trained 3000+ Candidates from 2010 – 11
  • ·         100% Live Project Work With Internship Certificate
  • ·         Advanced 30 Modules with in Depth Knowledge
  • ·         Get Study Material Prepared by Industry Experts
  • ·         Resume & Interview Preparation by Experts
  • ·         Weekend and Regular Batches
  • ·         Flexible Timings

Syllabus Content

Module I – Core PHP

  • ·         Why PHP and MySQL?
  • ·         Server-Side Scripting in PHP Overview
  • ·         Get Started with PHP
  • ·         Learning PHP Syntax and Variables
  • ·         Datatypes and References
  • ·         Learning PHP Control Structures and Functions
  • ·         Passing Information with PHP
  • ·         Learning PHP String Handling
  • ·         Learning Arrays in PHP
  • ·         Learning PHP Number Handling
  • ·         PHP Troubleshooting

Module II – Advanced PHP

This module will help to extend your knowledge about Core PHP and move to advanced PHP concepts. You will be introduced to some of the major techniques required to make your code even more responsive and proficient. You would be mastering yourselves in several important topics like Ajax, JavaScript, OOPS, session, and XML.

  • ·         Advanced Array Functions in PHP
  • ·         Examining Regular Expressions
  • ·         Working with the File System in PHP
  • ·         Working with Cookies and Sessions of PHP
  • ·         Learning PHP Types
  • ·         Learning PHP Advanced Functions
  • ·         Performing Math with PHP
  • ·         Securing PHP
  • ·         Handling Exceptions with PHP
  • ·         Debugging PHP Programs
  • ·         Learning PHP Style
  • ·         Using Log Files to Improve Your Site
  • ·         Connecting PHP with MySQL
  • ·         Sending E-Mail with PHP
  • ·         Integrating PHP and JavaScript
  • ·         Integrating PHP and Ajax

Module III – MySQL Database

Guidancepoint offering PHP MySQL training in pune, this module will cover everything from a general introduction to databases to writing complex MySQL queries. You will gain exposure to creating, interfacing and developing databases. At the end, students will be able to install, create and maintain MySQL database.

MySQL Basics

  • ·         Introducing Database and MySQL
  • ·         Learning Structured Query Language(SQL)
  • ·         Learning Database Administration and Design in MySQL
  • ·         Integrating PHP and MySQL
  • ·         Performing Database Queries
  • ·         Integrating Web Forms and Databases
  • ·         Improving Database Efficiency
  • ·         MySQL Troubleshooting

Operators in MySQL

  • ·         MySQL Arithmetic Operators
  • ·         Numeric Comparison Operators of MySQL
  • ·         String Comparison Operators of MySQL
  • ·         Logical Operators in MySQL
  • ·         MySQL Regular Expressions
  • ·         MySQL Operators Syntax Recap

Querying Your Data

  • ·         Sorting, Grouping, and Arranging Retrieved Data
  • ·         Limiting Numbers of Results
  • ·         Joining Tables (Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join, Join etc.)
  • ·         More On Joining Tables
  • ·     Data Aggregation- sum(), avg(), max(), min(), count(), first(), last(), ucase(), lcase(), mid(), len(),   round(), format() etc.

MySQL Best Practices

  • ·    Using SQL batch files- Integrating database from a text editor to the MySQL Monitor Backing   up Database from MySQL- MySQL dump Constraint
  • ·         Data Modeling – Planning, Analysis for Creating a Successful Database
  • ·         Normalization – The best way to Code for a professional Database Structure
  • ·    Optimizations – Increasing Speed, reducing Database size, Enhancing Security and Database   Integrity


  • ·   Users and Privileges- Creating, Showing, Manipulating, Granting Permissions for Users The  ‘MySQL’ Database
  • ·  Encryption- Using encode(), decode(), password(), sha1(), and md5() function for secure  encryption

Top Companies

  • ·         IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd
  • ·         Tech MBS
  • ·         Intellectsoft
  • ·         Wipro BPS
  • ·         WNS
  • ·         Tech Mahindra
  • ·         Cognizant technology
  • ·         Cyber Infrastructure Inc
  • ·         ITechArt Group
  • ·         Parangat Technologies
  • ·         Magneto IT solutions
  • ·         Hidden Brains Infotech
  • ·         VironIT

Professional PHP Classes in Pune Locations available:

  • ·         Kothrud
  • ·         Shivajinagar
  • ·         Wakad
  • ·         Deccan
  • ·         Karvenagar
  • ·         Chinchwad
  • ·         Swargate
  • ·         MG road
  • ·         Camp
  • ·         Pune Satara Road