Leading PHP Classes in Pune

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Leading PHP Classes in Pune

Guidance Point is delivering the best PHP Classes in Pune from its beginning. You must be familiar with the fact that PHP is a scripting language designed originally for the web development but a few programmers are using this as the general programming language.

PHP is an open source and an object-oriented platform and is highly used in the web servers. With the PHP libraries as well as built-in modules, the program may interact with the FTP servers and different database servers.

Guidance Point offers Leading Php Classes in Pune, and our course module includes the basic and advanced level of the Php course made to get the best placements in the good software firms.

Our trainers have experienced working professionals and highly certified with the hands-on working on the multiple Php projects.

Also, our course the syllabus is designed based on the technical requirements.

At Guidance Point, we aim to make the well-rounded player in PHP coding and others like AJAX, jQuery, MySQL, Content Management System tools like Wordpress, Joomla, PHP realtime project, Drupal, and PHP and MySQL placement training.


What are prerequisite for PHP?

Having basic knowledge about HTML is important to learn PHP all along with basic computer knowledge that can add a real benefit.

Anyone who may become an expert in PHP language provided the fact that they get the right Php Training in Pune. PHP is a very simple and demanded web language nowadays and used for designing small web applications.


Why Do You Need Training In PHP?

The web development is a vast field and one can make their career in many technologies such as CSS, HTML5, Node JS, Angular JS, JavaScript, and more.

In last some year’s internet shopping web apps comes in a picture that has high clarity images and data. To build this web app CSS, HTML, and JavaScript wasn’t enough thus programmers started to use PHP.

Thus, we may say that PHP is an important technology as well as have a vast future for their Job. These days many companies are becoming aggressive in terms of choosing candidates for the JOB.

Before it was quite easy, one with the basic PHP knowledge can get the job and used to get trained by the company, however, nowadays companies want training employees who may start their work from the first day.

Thus, from where one can get such knowledge? Guidance Point is Leading Php Classes in Pune institute that offers that training in PHP.

Scope Of The PHP Developers In Future

Are you looking for Php Classes in Pune with placement? According to the current market, one may assure a good future in PHP. But, in the technical era, each technology has competition.

However, at present PHP is the best option in the web development, so no need to worry!!!


What makes Guidance Point the Best Training Institute of Pune?

We can’t ignore a role of the training institute in a life of the trainee.

The PHP training in Pune offers the required guidance to select the best trending technology in various technologies.

Our PHP trainers will encourage the trainees to learn everything possible.

Having tremendous experience on teaching PHP, Codeigniter framework and WordPress student can easily start their journey in the Web Development.

Our certified trainers will construct the student friendly course syllabus that helps the trainees to understand each topic in detail (from basics to advance).

The real-time practice in PHP programming makes our trainee crack the interview easily. We’ve got a well-equipped PHP training class in Pune center with the required infrastructure in place.

It gives our trainee the industry level experience. You can look at the PHP classes in Pune with fees and check it yourself, we are highly reasonable.

There are many Leading Php Classes in Pune but when it comes about quality teaching then we are the top institute because our trainers have years of experience in teaching PHP and can teach it in any specific hours.


What our training course will do for you?

  • ·         Help you to get Global PHP certification
  • ·         Build the Web application and Web site (interactive and dynamic)
  • ·         Allow you to assimilate & master the latest framework like Node.js, js, as well as Mongo DB & leapfrog your career
  • ·         Prepare you with the required technical competencies for getting hired as the full-stack developer


Who this course is best for?

  • ·         Postgraduate students –MCM, MSc (IT), MCA, MSc (Comp. Sci.) and more
  • ·       Graduate and undergraduate students from the computer background- BE (Comp), BE(IT), BSc (Comp), BCA, BSc (IT) and BCS
  • ·      The PHP course is for the participant who is the Graduate, Working Professional or Under Graduate aspiring to make career as the web developer.


Career Opportunities:

  • ·         Php Developer
  • ·         Back End Developer

Syllabus Content

Module I - Core PHP

  • ·         Why PHP and MySQL?
  • ·         Server-Side Scripting in PHP Overview
  • ·         Get Started with PHP
  • ·         Learning PHP Syntax and Variables
  • ·         Datatypes and References
  • ·         Learning PHP Control Structures and Functions
  • ·         Passing Information with PHP
  • ·         Learning PHP String Handling
  • ·         Learning Arrays in PHP
  • ·         Learning PHP Number Handling
  • ·         PHP Troubleshooting

Module II - Advanced PHP

This module will help to expand your knowledge of this particular domain i.e. about Core PHP and will surely take you forward to the advanced PHP concepts.

You will be introduced to some of the major techniques required to make your code even more responsive and proficient.

You will be able to master yourself in various important topics like Ajax, OOPS, JavaScript, session, and XML.

  • ·         Advanced Array Roles in PHP
  • ·         Examining General Expressions
  • ·         Working with the File Arrangement in PHP
  • ·         Working with Cookies and Concourses of PHP
  • ·         Discovering PHP Types
  • ·         Learning PHP Advanced Functions
  • ·         Performing Math with PHP
  • ·         Securing PHP
  • ·         Handling Exceptions with PHP
  • ·         Debugging PHP Programs
  • ·         Learning PHP Style
  • ·         Using Log Files to Improve Your Site
  • ·         Connecting PHP with MySQL
  • ·         Sending E-Mail with PHP
  • ·         Integrating PHP and JavaScript
  • ·         Integrating PHP and Ajax

Module III - MySQL Database

Guidancepoint offering PHP MySQL training in Pune, this module will cover everything from a general introduction to databases to writing complex MySQL queries.

You will gain exposure of creating, interfacing and developing databases. In the end, candidates will be able to fix, create and manage the MySQL database.

MySQL Basics

  • ·         Beginning Database and MySQL
  • ·         Learning Structured Query Language(SQL)
  • ·         Learning Database Management and Design in MySQL
  • ·         Combining PHP and MySQL
  • ·         Accomplishing Database Queries
  • ·         Integrating Web Forms and Databases
  • ·         Improving Database Efficiency
  • ·         MySQL Troubleshooting

Operators in MySQL

  • ·         MySQL Arithmetic Operators
  • ·         Numeric Comparison Operators of MySQL
  • ·         String Comparison Operators of MySQL
  • ·         Logical Operators in MySQL
  • ·         MySQL Regular Expressions
  • ·         MySQL Operators Syntax Recap

Querying Your Data

  • ·         Sorting, Grouping, and Arranging Retrieved Data
  • ·         Limiting Numbers of Results
  • ·         Combining Tables (Inner Join, Right Join Left Join, Join, etc.)
  • ·         Further On Joining Tables
  • ·     Data Aggregation- sum(), avg(), max(), min(), count(), first(), last(), ucase(), lcase(), mid(), len(),   round(), format() etc.

MySQL Best Practices

  • ·    Using SQL batch files- Integrating database from a text editor to the MySQL Monitor Backing   up Database from MySQL- MySQL dump Constraint
  • ·         Data Modeling - Planning, Summary for Creating a Strong Database
  • ·         Normalization - The real way to Code for a trained Database Structure
  • ·    Optimizations - Enhancing Speed, decreasing Database size, Enhancing Security and Database Integrity


  • ·   Users and Privileges- Creating, Showing, Manipulating, Granting Permissions for Users The  MySQL Database
  • ·  Encryption- Using encode(), decode(), password(), sha1(), and md5() function for secure  encryption

Top Companies

  • ·         IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd
  • ·         Tech MBS
  • ·         Intellectsoft
  • ·         Wipro BPS
  • ·         WNS
  • ·         Tech Mahindra
  • ·         Cognizant technology
  • ·         Cyber Infrastructure Inc
  • ·         ITechArt Group
  • ·         Parangat Technologies
  • ·         Magneto IT solutions
  • ·         Hidden Brains Infotech
  • ·         VironIT