Leading MVC Dot Net Training Institute in Pune

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Leading MVC Dot Net Training Institute in Pune

MVC Dot Net Training

Microsoft has always created the top tools for building business applications, and its main masterpiece is MVC.NET technology.

MVC Dot NET is the open-source web application framework that is designed for the web development to design dynamic pages.

Guidance Point is the leading MVC Dot Net Training Institute in Pune, offering training on the .NET technology –ASP.NET, C#, Microsoft.NET certification as well as MVC Training through our vast pool of qualified and certified .NET technology faculty.

Course Designed For Professionals

This prepares our candidate on the technology skills and quantitative aptitude on .NET app development by viva, competency tests, and experiential learning methods.

It covers SQL, C, C#, Software Engineering Concepts, Responsive Designing by using JavaScript, HTML5, and Bootstrap, Basic ASP.NET and Advanced ASP.NET, Manual Testing, Advanced Technologies such as ASP.NET MVC & Angular JS.

This course is high in demand today as many apps are developed by using .Net Technologies & many companies were using Dot Net to build and maintain apps.

Dot net supports over 67 languages for building applications that were created by Microsoft Corporation. And it GUI makes this software development faster and easier.

It is one main reason for IT Job lookers to prefer MVC Dot Net Training Courses in Pune.

Our MVC Dot Net Training Institute in Pune is made for creating the job-ready students with the special techniques that involve the student-centric hands-on learning.

Our techniques will include Synergogy and collaborative learning with plenty of emphasis at “Doing more” than to explain in the conventional teaching method.

Guidance Point Course Highlights

  • ·         Industry application oriented.
  • ·         Improve employability
  • ·         Preparation for the screening tests of QA & Basic concepts
  • ·         Preparation of the quantitative aptitude
  • ·         Product design on the International ISD standards
  • ·         Synergogy activities such as TED & PJD to improve learnability of the student
  • ·         Interview practice with the subject experts
  • ·         Practice tests and Quiz
  • ·         Video based training for selected topics.
  • ·         Plenty of assignments in a form of the class work or home work.


  • ·         LINQ, SQL Server and Entity Framework for the database related operations.
  • ·         Basic knowledge on ASP.NET Web Forms is suggested.
  • ·         Prior knowledge on HTML & C# is mandatory.

There’re a lot of professionals in this market that are equipped with .NET training and you can stand above all just by refining your skill set in from Guidance Point, the Top 10 MVC Dot Net Training Institute in Pune and where you may get the Placement Oriented Industrial training.


Mr. Pradeep Sethi

        I recently completed my Testing( Manual and Automation) course from Guidance Point. I had the best experience here doing my course. This course and faculty provided me with the example based learning concepts, which made it easy for me to understand my course.!


Cheena Sharma

        I did my MVC .Net training from Guidance Point. I must say that it is one of the best MVC Dot Net Training Institute in Pune, because with technical learning they gave me the soft skill & personality development training. It really helped me a lot.

MVC Dot Net Training Course Syllabus

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

  • ·         Model View Controller
  • ·         MVC Architecture and Separation of Concerns
  • ·         The role of the Model, View, and Controller
  • ·         Key benefits of ASP.NET MVC

Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC

  • ·         NET MVC project templates
  • ·         Understanding the structure of an ASP.NET MVC project
  • ·         Naming conventions
  • ·         Creating views
  • ·         Defining controllers
  • ·         Defining a data model
  • ·         Creating a Complete ASP.NET MVC 4 Application
  • ·         Creating strongly-typed views
  • ·         Understanding URLs and action methods
  • ·         Using HTML helpers
  • ·         Handling form post-backs
  • ·         Data validation

Using the Razor View Engine

  • ·         Getting started with Razor
  • ·         Razor design goals
  • ·         Implementing a Razor view
  • ·         Razor syntax
  • ·         Accessing Model Data in Razor views
  • ·         Industrial-Strength ASP.NET MVC Applications
  • ·         NET application architecture best practices

Implementing a Repository and Entity Framework Data Model

  • ·         Using Dependency Injection
  • ·         Implementing a custom controller factory
  • ·         View Techniques
  • ·         Defining and using custom HTML Helpers
  • ·         Defining a layout / MVC Master Page
  • ·         Using Styles
  • ·         Defining and using partial views
  • ·         Razor Helper Method syntax
  • ·         Implementing Navigation in MVC web apps
  • ·         Defining view-model classes
  • ·         Implementing Data Filtering in a Controller
  • ·         Understanding the Routing mechanism
  • ·         Adding custom entries to a route table
  • ·         Defining defaults, parameters, and validation
  • ·         Generating URLs and Hyperlinks
  • ·         Custom Route constraints
  • ·         Migrating ASP.NET Web Forms to the MVC Pattern with the ASP.NET Web API
  • ·         NET MVC - Living in a Web Forms World
  • ·         Web Forms to MVC
  • ·         Integrating ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC
  • ·         Data Access in ASP.NET MVC
  • ·         Getting Started with Entity Framework using ASP.NET MVC
  • ·         NET Data Access Content Map
  • ·         Building an ASP.NET MVC4 Application with EF and Web API

MVC State Management

  • ·         Using hidden fields
  • ·         Session and Application State
  • ·         Custom model bindings
  • ·         Additional Techniques
  • ·         View Scaffold Templates
  • ·         Controller Scaffold Templates
  • ·         Global Filters
  • ·         Model binding
  • ·         Asynchronous Controllers

Using AJAX and jQuery with ASP.NET MVC

  • ·         Overview of AJAX and ASP.NET MVC
  • ·         Unobtrusive AJAX
  • ·         Using AJAX Action Links
  • ·         Overview of jQuery
  • ·         jQuery Techniques
  • ·         Using jQuery UI

ASP.NET MVC & LINQ - working with Data

  • ·         Language features used in LINQ
  • ·         Creating simple LINQ queries
  • ·         Using LINQ queries in a Web application;
  • ·         Defining a data repository;
  • ·         Using LINQ to define a data access component

ASP.NET MVC 4 Techniques & Best Practices

  • ·         View scaffold templates
  • ·         Controller scaffold templates
  • ·         Dependency injection
  • ·         NET Web API with MVC
  • ·         Overview of the ASP.NET Web API
  • ·         Building servers and clients
  • ·         Content negotiation
  • ·         Validation
  • ·         Query able Interfaces
  • ·         Dependency Injection


  • ·         Attribute Routing in ASP.NET MVC 5
  • ·         Using Constraints for Better Routing in MVC
  • ·         NET MVC Routing
  • ·         An Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Extensibility

jQuery, Ajax, JSON, JavaScript:

  • ·         Create a JavascriptResult for ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET
  • ·         MVC: Show Busy Indicator on Form Submit
  • ·         using JQuery and Ajax
  • ·         Using Custom Data Attributes to Store JSON Data in ASP.NET MVC Sending JSON to an Action Method
  • ·         Build Rich User Interfaces using jQuery
  • ·         Using the DropDownList Helper with ASP.NET MVC
  • ·         DropDownListFor with ASP.NET MVC
  • ·         DropDownList Helper Data Binding in ASP.NET MVC
  • ·         Cascading DropDownList in ASP.Net MVC
  • ·         CascadingDropDown jQuery Plugin for ASP.NET MVC
  • ·         MVC , JsonResult , DateTime and TimeZone
  • ·         MVC- Custom Validation - required DropDownList
  • ·         Client Side Progress Bar in ASP.NET MVC
  • ·         using jQuery UI, WebAPI and JsRender
  • ·         Creating Cascading DropDownLists using ASP.NET MVC 4 and jQuery

Twitter, Facebook:

The new Facebook application template and library for ASP.NET MVC

  • ·         Bootstrap.MVC4
  • ·         MVC 4: Facebook twitter login with Auth

Unit Testing , TDD, Repository Pattern and Unit of Work

  • ·         Repository Pattern and Unit of Work with Entity Framework in ASP.NET MVC
  • ·         Creating Unit Testable Applications in ASP.NET MVC
  • ·         NET MVC controller dependency injection
  • ·         Writing Unit Tests for an ASP.NET MVC Action Method that handles Ajax Request and Normal Request
  • ·         Developing an ASP.NET MVC 4 Application for TDD using xUnit and Moq

HTML5 integration:

  • ·         Using the HTML5 and jQuery UI Datepicker Popup Calendar with ASP.NET MVC
  • ·         Designing Accessibility with HTML5
  • ·         Integrate HTML5 into Existing MVC Applications


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