Leading MVC Dot Net Training Institute in Pune

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Leading MVC Dot Net Training Institute in Pune

MVC.Net Training with Live Project


Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

·    Model View Controller

·   MVC Architecture and Separation of Concerns

·    The role of the Model, View, and Controller

·     Key benefits of ASP.NET MVC

Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC

·         NET MVC project templates

·         Understanding the structure of an ASP.NET MVC project

·         Naming conventions

·         Creating views

·         Defining controllers

·         Defining a data model

·         Creating a Complete ASP.NET MVC 4 Application

·         Creating strongly-typed views

·         Understanding URLs and action methods

·         Using HTML helpers

·         Handling form post-backs

·         Data validation

Using the Razor View Engine

·         Getting started with Razor

·         Razor design goals

·         Implementing a Razor view

·         Razor syntax

·         Accessing Model Data in Razor views

·         Industrial-Strength ASP.NET MVC Applications

·         NET application architecture best practices

Implementing a Repository and Entity Framework Data Model

·         Using Dependency Injection

·         Implementing a custom controller factory

·         View Techniques

·         Defining and using custom HTML Helpers

·         Defining a layout / MVC Master Page

·         Using Styles

·         Defining and using partial views

·         Razor Helper Method syntax

·         Implementing Navigation in MVC web apps

·         Defining view-model classes

·         Implementing Data Filtering in a Controller

·         Understanding the Routing mechanism

·         Adding custom entries to a route table

·         Defining defaults, parameters, and validation

·         Generating URLs and Hyperlinks

·         Custom Route constraints

·         Migrating ASP.NET Web Forms to the MVC Pattern with the ASP.NET Web API

·         NET MVC – Living in a Web Forms World

·         Web Forms to MVC

·         Integrating ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC

·         Data Access in ASP.NET MVC

·         Getting Started with Entity Framework using ASP.NET MVC

·         NET Data Access Content Map

·         Building an ASP.NET MVC4 Application with EF and Web API


MVC State Management

·         Using hidden fields

·         Session and Application State

·         Custom model bindings

·         Additional Techniques

·         View Scaffold Templates

·         Controller Scaffold Templates

·         Global Filters

·         Model binding

·         Asynchronous Controllers

Using AJAX and jQuery with ASP.NET MVC

·         Overview of AJAX and ASP.NET MVC

·         Unobtrusive AJAX

·         Using AJAX Action Links

·         Overview of jQuery

·         jQuery Techniques

·         Using jQuery UI

ASP.NET MVC & LINQ – working with Data

·         Language features used in LINQ

·         Creating simple LINQ queries

·         Using LINQ queries in a Web application;

·         Defining a data repository;

·         Using LINQ to define a data access component


ASP.NET MVC 4 Techniques & Best Practices

·         View scaffold templates

·         Controller scaffold templates

·         Dependency injection

·         NET Web API with MVC

·         Overview of the ASP.NET Web API

·         Building servers and clients

·         Content negotiation

·         Validation

·         Query able Interfaces

·         Dependency Injection


·         Attribute Routing in ASP.NET MVC 5

·         Using Constraints for Better Routing in MVC

·         NET MVC Routing

·         An Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Extensibility

jQuery, Ajax, JSON, JavaScript:

·         Create a JavascriptResult for ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET

·         MVC: Show Busy Indicator on Form Submit

·         using JQuery and Ajax

·         Using Custom Data Attributes to Store JSON Data in ASP.NET MVC Sending JSON to an Action Method

·         Build Rich User Interfaces using jQuery

·         Using the DropDownList Helper with ASP.NET MVC

·         DropDownListFor with ASP.NET MVC

·         DropDownList Helper Data Binding in ASP.NET MVC

·         Cascading DropDownList in ASP.Net MVC

·         CascadingDropDown jQuery Plugin for ASP.NET MVC

·         MVC , JsonResult , DateTime and TimeZone

·         MVC- Custom Validation – required DropDownList

·         Client Side Progress Bar in ASP.NET MVC

·         using jQuery UI, WebAPI and JsRender

·         Creating Cascading DropDownLists using ASP.NET MVC 4 and jQuery

Twitter, Facebook:

The new Facebook application template and library for ASP.NET MVC

·         Bootstrap.MVC4

·         MVC 4: Facebook twitter login with Auth

Unit Testing , TDD, Repository Pattern and Unit of Work

Repository Pattern and Unit of Work with Entity Framework in ASP.NET MVC

·         Creating Unit Testable Applications in ASP.NET MVC

·         NET MVC controller dependency injection

·         Writing Unit Tests for an ASP.NET MVC Action Method that handles Ajax Request and Normal Request

·         Developing an ASP.NET MVC 4 Application for TDD using xUnit and Moq

HTML5 integration:

·         Using the HTML5 and jQuery UI Datepicker Popup Calendar with ASP.NET MVC

·         Designing Accessibility with HTML5

·         Integrate HTML5 into Existing MVC Applications


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