Best Matlab Classes in Pune

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Best Matlab Classes in Pune


Matlab basically is a high-level language as well as holds an interactive environment for numerical calculations or in short, we can say that it's used for technical writing. Guidance point is offering the best Matlab classes in Pune at a very pocket-friendly cost. It involves computation, visualization & programming to solve problems. Problems here are in the form of the mathematical notation hence the application development becomes a very vital part of this particular domain.

Using Matlab we can scrutinize data, develop algorithms & design models & applications.

Its language tools and built-in mathematics-related functions enable us to investigate multiple passageways so that we can reach to the solution faster as compared to the spreadsheets and traditional programmings such as C/C++ or Java.

We can use Matlab for a variety of applications including

  • 1.      Signal processing
  • 2.      Communications
  • 3.      Image processing
  • 4.      Video processing
  • 5.      Control Systems
  • 6.      Test & measurement
  • 7.      Computational

As Matlab is a high-level language, it is a very fast and forward type language. It's unique and fast functioning makes it quite easy to solve computing problems.

Matlab training in Pune is the best location for one to get a deep knowledge of this particular domain and become an expert in the software. Matlab nowadays is in demand and what makes it in the demand is simply its wide use in the big MNCs. As there are a huge scope and demand for, career opportunities under this field are also high.

It is a globally used programming language that slowly but gradually has changed the nature of the work of engineers and researchers globally. Matlab course in Pune has opened new doors for the freshers who are experts in this domain. Guidance Point not only offers the best Matlab classes in Pune but also is regularly placing the students from its beginning. Guidance Point offers its students the best possible designed modules.

As we all know in today world full of competition only learning is not enough so we the  Guidance Point offers our student live projects on various essential topics so that they should smell the taste of the future as all the big MNCs give preference to the hand-on skilled Matlab candidates.

Guidance Point is one of the top 10 Matlab training institutes in Pune withholding 100% placement records.

One of the best features provided by Guidance Point for their students is the Internship.

The candidates who want to pursue an internship can opt for an internship after they finish the course.

Career Scope:-

Regarding career possibilities, Matlab is gonna be a very influential area in which an individual can look for a brighter career. As we all are aware of the fact that if the demand will increase the supply of the material has to be increased(Demand Supply Chain) and hence there is gonna be an enormous demand for the opportunities for the individuals in this distinct field as supply has to be fulfilled in order to maintain the demand-supply chain.


MATLAB is broadly used in various areas of applied mathematics, in education and analysis and in numerous industries. This software gets its wide applications in various domains of engineering such as:

  • 1.    Electronics engineers largely use MATLAB for creating more efficient devices that are smaller in size and can blend wireless communications, video,  audio, and other attributes.
  • 2.    In electrical engineering, the purpose of this program is to measure and simulate momentary phenomena in power systems.
  • 3.      It is applied to model and simulates physical obstacles in the field of chemical engineering.

Why opt for this course?

The Best Matlab training in Pune will assist you to transform your professional profile, enable you to help the company to gain immensely, as well as gives an amazing experience of contentment to your client base.

Furthermore, it helps you as a person to earn the credentials essential for career growth. Even though you hail from the non-coding or non-developer background, it is never very late to begin learning Matlab course from the best Matlab and cloud computing institute in Pune.

Why Choose Our Matlab Course In Pune?

  • 1.      We've experienced and certified trainers.
  • 2.      After completion of the Matlab course program, we offer 100% of job placement to our students.
  • 3.      We will train you in different modules of our Matlab training, which grants complete knowledge on this subject.
  • 4.      We focus on both practical and theoretical learning in our Matlab training Centres in Pune.
  • 5.      Our Matlab training fees are highly affordable.
  • 6.      We will keep you updated about the latest trends that will help you to get ready for the job.
  • 7.      We have got multiple branches that will allow our students from across the city to enroll in our cloud computing training courses in Pune.
  • 8.      We run different batches on weekdays & weekends so that you may join the batch which suits your schedule.

Who Can Learn our Course?

Our training course is appropriate for the candidates who are looking to build their careers in Matlab.

It is the platform that is used by the company all across the world as well as in each sector.

Such an ecosystem will create over 1 million jobs in the future as well as have to lead to several best Matlab training in Pune that will meet the job demand.


  • ·         Free Demo Sessions
  • ·         100% Guaranteed Placement
  • ·         Trained 3000+ Candidates from 2010 - 11
  • ·         Get Study Material Prepared by Industry Experts
  • ·         Resume & Interview Preparation by Experts
  • ·         Weekend and Regular Batches
  • ·         Flexible Timings

Course Overview:-


  • 1.      MATLAB User Interface Layout
  • 2.      MATLAB as a Calculator

Working with Variables in MATLAB

  • 1.      Creating and Manipulating Variables
  • 2.      Workspace and Variables
  • 3.      Working with Arrays
  • 4.      Accessing and Manipulating Elements in a Matrix
  • 5.      Mathematical Computations with Matrices
  • 6.      Useful Matrix Analysis Functions

Plotting and Visualization with MATLAB

  • 1.      Visualizing Data, Importing Data into MATLAB
  • 2.      Basic plotting commands
  • 3.      Labeling, Annotating and Customizing Plots
  • 4.      2-D and 3-D Plots

Programming with MATLAB

  • 1.      The MATLAB Editor
  • 2.      General M-files, Function M-files
  • 3.      General M-file vs Function M-file
  • 4.      Examples + Case Study

Different Types of Functions

  • ·         Basic Functions and sub-functions
  • ·         Function recursion, Variable I/O arguments
  • ·         Error handling, Function handles
  • ·         Nested functions, Overloaded functions

Iterative Computations and Conditional Statements

Optimization and Debugging of Codes

  • ·         Efficient Memory Pre-allocation and Management
  • ·         Performance measurements of codes
  • ·         Troubleshooting and Debugging technique

Backbone of GUI

  • ·         String, Value, Tag, Handles, Callbacks

The basic operation of a GUI

  • ·         Creating GUI using GUIDE
  • ·         Layout design of front panel
  • ·         Programming of callback

GUI Front Panel

  • ·         Classes of buttons
  • ·         Other display items for Front Panel
  • ·         Programming callbacks for items in Front Panel
  • ·         Using callbacks as a variable
  • ·         Examples + Case Study

Basic Image Operations, Intensity Transformations
Image Restoration, Morphological Operations
Feature Analysis, Filtering & Transforms
Colourspaces, ROI, Registration, Image Properties

Simulink syllabus (15 hrs)

  • 1.      Introduction to Simulink Environment
  • 2.      Modeling Basics, Advanced Modelling & Features
  • 3.      Simulations & Solver Choice
  • 4.      Modeling Control Flow


  • ·         Interface & Basic Commands
  • ·         Vectors, Matrices & Arithmetics
  • ·         Plotting & Visualization
  • ·         Descriptive Statistics
  • ·         Programming in Matlab


Upon thriving completion of this course, you will be given a course completion certificate. We are an approved Pearson Vue and Psi best Matlab training institute in Pune. Hence, if you want to apply for global certifications, then you are most welcome to give tests at our centers for convenience.

About Trainers:-

  • 1.      Well qualified industry experts
  • 2.      Worked on live projects related to this domain
  • 3.      Having hands-on industry experience of almost 5 years
  • 4.      Trained more than 500+ students


  • 1.      Scheduler class
  • 2.      Batch class
  • 3.      Creational Pattern
  • 4.      Structural design patterns
  • 5.      Behavioral Design Patterns
  • 6.      Design Pattern (Only taken by us)   

Our Matlab Training Centres in Pune:-

  • 1.      Kothrud
  • 2.      Shivajinagar
  • 3.      Wakad
  • 4.      Deccan
  • 5.      Karvenagar
  • 6.      Chinchwad
  • 7.      Swargate
  • 8.      MG road
  • 9.      Camp
  • 10.  Pune Satara Road

Top Companies Using Matlab:-

  • 1.      TCS
  • 2.      Wipro BPS
  • 3.      Accenture
  • 4.      Sitel
  • 5.      Tech MBS
  • 6.      ASAP Info Systems Pvt Ltd
  • 7.      Arminius Software Pvt. Limited
  • 8.      Sofcon India

Popular degrees with salaries:-

1.      Electrical Engineer                                         Rs 352,104

2.      Mechanical Engineer                                     Rs 430,116  

3.      Design Engineer                                             Rs 417,174

Students Reviews:-

Ankit Chatri –

After attending the classes in Guidance Point I really feel that I have gained a lot in this particular field. The atmosphere in the classes and in the labs is really very cool and friendly. 100% placement is like a bonus for us. I am fully satisfied with what they have taught me.

Ruhi Srivastava –

I always wanted to learn Matlab and Guidance Point has helped me in accomplishing my dream. The nature and experience of trainers are really commendable. Webinars, workshops & live projects are implemented in the course just to give the student a glimpse of the real world. 100% placement is like a reward for us. I have talked to the ex-students and seniors and I have got +ve reviews from them regarding placements.

Aarti Pandey -

Hello to all.

I have finished my Matlab course from Guidance Point & also got placed in a very good company. The efforts which trainers & the placement cell of the institute put on the students is remarkable. The overall structure of the institute and courses are pretty great. Most importantly the trainers of the institute really experienced. I loved their way of teaching and approach toward the student.


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