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Best SAP SD Training in Pune - Guidance Point

All about SAP - SD(Sales & Distribution) Training under Guidance Point in Pune 

Sales & Distribution module of SAP is one of the very important & crucial modules because of the main feature or we would rather say the main advantage of this module is its ability to directly interact with the customers.

Whatever the firm is manufacturing should be consumed in order to gain the full profit of the firm.

This process of maximizing the profit is taken care of by SAP-SD and the best SAP-SD training in Pune is being offered by the Guidance Point.

SAP-SD comprises managing sales means like selling, billing, shipping & transportation of products and services of a firm.

Data of the customer is also stored and the communication with the customers starting from building a quotation to sales order and billing of the product or service.

One of the main or we can say the ultimate feature of SAP R/3 ECC is the combination with different modules. This module can also be coupled with FI, MM, PP, etc. modules.

We at Guidance Point offer the best SAP-SD training in Pune which will surely gonna help you to easily understand the SAP SD and also how it is implemented. SAP-SD course will also help you to understand how an enterprise deals with the clients and products.

Guidance Point is the best SAP-SD training and placement in Pune with a very experienced staff, certified trainers, well-equipped labs and 100% placement assistance.


This blog will surely be very useful for professionals who are aiming to understand the working of SAP-SD and implement it and practice.

Consultants are gonna especially helped through this module as they are only responsible for implementing sales, billing, & transportation of products. Guidance Point delivers the best quality of the SAP-SD training in Pune.

Key Components in SAP-SD

The key components in SAP-SD training modules are:-

  • ·         Customer and Vendor Data
  • ·         Sales Support
  • ·         Shipping of Material
  • ·         Sales Activities
  • ·         Billing Related
  • ·         Transportation of Products
  • ·         Credit Management
  • ·         Contract Handling & Management
  • ·         Foreign Trade
  • ·         Information System

SAP-SD Organizational Structure

  • ·         The SAP-SD organizational structure majorly consists of two steps:-
  • ·         Creation of Organization elements in SAP system, and
  • ·         Second is to link each element as per requirement.

At the very top of any organizational structure in the SD, module sales is at the top of it and also responsible for the distribution of goods and services.

One of the works of SAP is also to keep the no of the sales team to a minimum in an organizational structure.

The advantage of this will be seen in the reporting process which will be very easy and effective.

Ideally, it should have a single sales organization.

The next level is the distribution channel, which depicts the medium by which the products, services of the organization are going to be distributed to their end users. 

An entity is referred to as a sales area, which plays a very vital role to process an order in a company. 

It compromises of the sales organization, distribution channel and division.

In an SAP SD organizational structure, each sales organization is committed to a firm code.

And the distribution channel and divisions are committed to the sales organization and all of these when combined make a sales area.

If we see the first step we will come to know that in the very first step of SD organizational structure, sales organization is committed to a company code and then it is to set a distribution channel and then split to a sales organization.

The following diagram shows the organizational structure of a Sales & Distribution module:-