Best SAP PS Training in Pune - Guidance Point

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Best SAP PS Training in Pune - Guidance Point

All about SAP-PS (Project System) under Guidance Point in Pune

SAP training under Guidance Point is one of the best SAP-PS training in Pune just because of the fact that it is fully practical oriented and fully placement focused training with real-time scenarios.

The training modules are designed in such a way that they easily and very effectively cover the basic to advance level. The aim of the training is to enhance the qualities related to this particular domain and make him/her place in the top MNCs of this domain as soon as the certification of the student gets over.

As far as the projects are concerned they are the internal as well as very important parts of the functioning of the company and to maintain the balance in all these projects/tasks an organization needs a form/way that is relevant and very particular to the given tasks to each and every department of the firm.

Before starting the task the entire planning of the task execution should be carried out or planned in a very structured manner. A very clear and structured of a task is the base of a successful plan.

One structure the project keeping in the mind the following steps:-

  • ·         Through structures, using a work breakdown structure(WBS)
  • ·         Through the process, using individual activities (work pages)

Projects managers generally differentiate between two projects on the basis of:-

  • ·         Externally financed projects
  • ·         Internally financed projects 

Our trainers in the institute are the best trainers in Pune as they are SAP-PS system experts and some of them are also having experience of working in the MNCs on these type of projects also. The syllabus of our institute is made keeping in mind the requirement of the students and modern-day companies.

The major topics which we are going to cover are as follows:-

  • 1.      Introduction to Structures and Master Data
  • 2.      Planning Functions
  • 3.      Budget
  • 4.      Projection Execution
  • 5.      Period-End Closing
  • 6.      Reporting

Note:- All these topics will be covered with maximum no of practicals possible.

SAP PS training course content and Syllabus in Pune


Structures And Master Data

  • ·         Project Definition
  • ·         Customizing Project Profile
  • ·         WBS Structure
  • ·         Networks & Activities
  • ·         PS Texts & Documents
  • ·         Project Builder Project Planning Board
  • ·         Statuses
  • ·         Simulations & Versions

Planning Functions

  • ·         Date Planning
  • ·         Resource Planning
  • ·         Material Planning
  • ·         Cost Planning
  • ·         Revenue Planning


  • ·         Original Budget
  • ·         Budget Release
  • ·         Budget Supplement
  • ·         Budget Return
  • ·         Budget Carry Forward
  • ·         Availability Control

Project Execution

  • ·         Actual Dates
  • ·         Confirmations
  • ·         External Procurement of Services
  • ·         Material Procurement
  • ·         Billing
  • ·         Project Progress

Period-End Closing

  • ·         Project Settlement
  • ·         Profitability Analysis
  • ·         Result Analysis


  • ·         Structural Reports
  • ·         Financial Reports

SAP-PS training duration in Pune

  • ·         Regular Classes (Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • ·         Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)
  • Duration: 5 Weeks
  • ·         Fast Track Training Program (2+ hours classes daily)
  • Duration: within 2 weeks

SAP PS trainer Profile & Placement

Our SAP PS Trainers

  • ·         More than 5 Years of experience in SAP PS Technologies
  • ·         Has worked on 8 real-time SAP PS projects
  • ·         Working in an MNC company in Pune
  • ·         Trained 1000+ Students so far.
  • ·         Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • ·         SAP PS certified Professionals

SAP-PS (SAP Project System (SAP-PS)) Placement Training in Pune

  • ·         More than 1000+ students Trained
  • ·         900 students Placed
  • ·         500 Interviews Organized