Best SAP PM Training in Pune - Guidance Point

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Best SAP PM Training in Pune - Guidance Point

All about SAP-PM (Plant Maintenance) under Guidance Point in Pune

Guidance Point is the best SAP-PM training in Pune holding 100% placement records since it is beginning. As we are aware of the fact that Plant Maintenance is very crucial as well as an elemental part of the logistics function is fully integrated with some other elements like MM & PP.

Each and every business that is related to the manufacturing process will definitely have to implement some or the other feature of the maintenance functions in order to keep their production functions run smoothly and effectively.

As far as SAP is concerned the Plant Maintenance functions cover three major areas of the maintenance:-

  • 1.      Inspection
  • 2.      Prevention
  • 3.      Repair

The work of the first function i.e. Inspection is just to check the condition of the good or material.

The function of the Prevention process is just to keep the goods in the good condition within the operating tolerances and last but not the least the Repair process works is to restore the product in the optimal working/operating condition.


Under Guidance Point the best SAP-PM training in Pune is delivered with the utmost knowledge and dedication. The fee structure of the training center is also quite pocket-friendly which allows individuals from every class to come and join the training center. We are having years of experience in the particular module as we are having trainers who have worked in some of the top MNCs under this domain. Our 100% placement record shows the consistency which we have maintained in the last 10 years to successfully place our students in top-rated companies.

The major topics which we cover in this particular domain are:-

  • ·         Introduction to Classifying Plant Maintenance from a business perspective.
  • ·         Getting Started with the Release 4.6
  • ·         Objects in  R/3 PM
  • ·         Breakdown Maintenance and Corrective Maintenence
  • ·         Planned Maintenance
  • ·         Integrative Aspects
  • ·         Interfaces to Non-SAP Systems

NOTE: - Every topic will be executed with the maximum no of particles possible.

The main moto of Guidance Point is just to inculcate and enhance the industry based approach in one's behavior.

All these abilities are inculcated through

  • ·         Live projects
  • ·         Webinars
  • ·         Workshops

SAP PM training course content and Syllabus in Bangalore

Classifying Plant Maintenance from a Business perspective

  • ·         Definitions
  • ·         Traditional forms of Organization in Plant


  • ·         Planning in Plant Maintenance
  • ·         Plant Maintenance Methods
  • ·         Benchmarking in Plant Maintenance based on key


  • ·         Modern Plant Maintenance management

Getting Started with Release 4.6

  • ·         The PM menu with easy access
  • ·         The business workplace
  • ·         Support Line Feedback as in interface to SAP
  • ·         PM Documentation in the SAP Library

Objects in R/3 PM

  • ·         Managing Technical Objects
  • ·         Functional Locations and equipment
  • ·         Using other Logistics master data in PM
  • ·         Measuring points and counters
  • ·         PM Work Centers
  • ·         Maintenance Task lists and maintenance plans
  • ·         Maintenance Notifications
  • ·         Maintenance Orders

Breakdown Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance

  • ·         Tasks of the PM Technician
  • ·         Tasks of the PM Planner
  • ·         Tasks of the Controller

Integrative Aspects

  • ·         General
  • ·         Integration of MM
  • ·         Integration Production Planning
  • ·         Integration of Quality Management
  • ·         Integration of Project Systems
  • ·         Integration of Investment Management
  • ·         Integration of Controlling
  • ·         Integration of Asset Accounting
  • ·         Integration of Human Resources

Interfaces to Non-SAP Systems

  • ·         Interface to process control systems
  • ·         and building control systems
  • ·         Interfaces to CAD systems

SAP PM training duration in Bangalore

  • ·         Regular Classes( Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • ·         Weekend Training Classes( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)
  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • ·         Fast Track Training Program( 3+ hours classes daily)
  • Duration: within 3 weeks

SAP PM trainer Profile & Placement

Our SAP PM Trainers

  • ·         More than 10 Years of experience in SAP PM Technologies
  • ·         Has worked on 10 real-time SAP PM projects
  • ·         Working in an MNC company in Bangalore
  • ·         Trained 1000+ students so far.
  • ·         Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • ·         SAP PM certified Professionals

SAP PM (SAP-Plant Maintenance) Placement Training in Pune

  • ·         More than 1000+ students Trained
  • ·         900 students Placed
  • ·         500 Interviews Organized