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Best SAP HR Training in Pune | Guidance Point

All about SAP-HR (Human Resource) Training under Guidance Point in Pune

As we all are aware of the fact that Human Resource Management is the backbone of every organization irrespective of its size or the domain.

SAP software technology solutions are made for helping clients with the assimilation of end to end business rules or processes.

With lots of research and growth SAP has successfully developed applications that are prone to face and tackle each and every business plot quite easily and effectively.

SAP has various modules and one of them is SAP-HR also known as HCM(Human Resource Capital Management) whose aim is to deal with all the means of Human Resource Management from the hiring of an employee to his final close.

Under this particular module, you are gonna learn the various topics which are organizational management, personnel administration, recruitment, payroll, time management, personal development, compensation management, ESS in the best SAP-HR training institute in Pune i.e. Guidance Point.

At Guidance Point we are delivering the best because we are with the best. Our faculty members are highly qualified and too experienced, well-equipped labs, healthy infrastructure, events like workshops/webinars/live projects are regularly organized just to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of the student.

And after all this, we are the ultimate boss when it comes to placing our students. We are holding 100% placement records for the past 10 years.

All this makes SAP-HR the largest functional sub-module in SAP. It is also called SAP-HR/ SAP-HRMS or SAP-HCM.

The main meaning of the SAP-HR is that it is simply a software application that enables the executives to handle data about their Human Resources effectively.

SAP-HR remits unmatched global capabilities and provides tools to the organization to manage the most important and exclusive asset of the organization i.e. labor. 

Guidance Point provides realtime as well as placement directed SAP-HR training in Pune. Our SAP-HR/HCM course covers basic to advance level and we have designed the modules of this course in such a way that our students avail the utmost chances in the placements process of the top MNCs.

Who can opt for SAP-HR?

In order to opt or dream for starting a career in the SAP-HR one's base should be very clear regarding the aspects of the syllabus of the particular course along with the minimum qualification required i.e. Bachelors degree in the Human Resource, information technology or business management. 

Role of SAP-HR/HCM?

The role of candidates belonging to this particular domain handles ESS, CATS, info types, personnel management, organizational management, travel management basics, transaction codes, event management & concurrent employment hiring along with the employees track records, etc.


What are the future opportunities for SAP-HR employees? 

According to the reports, SAP-HR jobs are the highest paid jobs in this domain. Whether it is a large size corporation or mid-size most or all of them use SAP modules and therefore the requirement of HR is a must.

One can also start connecting with the experienced professionals in the HR field through LinkedIn to boost the chances of a good job.


SAP-HR training course content and syllabus in Pune


  • ·         What is SAP?
  • ·         Overview of SAP
  • ·         About versions and Architecture
  • ·         SAP modules at a Glance


  • ·         Enterprise Structure
  • ·         Personnel Structure
  • ·         Organizational Structure
  • ·         Pay scale Structure
  • ·         Packed Decimals

Organizational Management

  • ·         Organization & Staffing
  • ·         General Structure
  • ·         Matrix
  • ·         Expert Mode
  • ·         Simple Maintenance
  • ·         Organizational Plan

Object Types and Explanations


  • ·         Maintain Advertisements
  • ·         Maintain Applicant Structures
  • ·         Maintain Applicant Data
  • ·         Selection Process
  • ·         Personnel Actions in Recruitment
  • ·         Hire/ Reject A person


  • ·         Maintaining Master Data
  • ·         Maintaining Infotypes
  • ·         Orientation of Features and Configuration
  • ·         Creation of Infogroup
  • ·         Configuration of Personnel Actions
  • ·         Maintaining Infotype Menus
  • ·         Defaulting the User Parameters
  • ·         Overview of Dynamic Actions
  • ·         Maintain Number Ranges for Personnel Actions
  • ·         Integration of Personnel Administration with Organizational Management
  • ·         Overview of scenarios with respect to different countries
  • ·         Exercises on hiring, personal displays, and maintenance

Time Management

  • ·         Allot working timings to Employee
  • ·         Break Schedules
  • ·         Work Schedules
  • ·         Explain about Time Data Recording & Administration
  • ·         Time Management Info types


  • ·         Overview of Payroll Components
  • ·         Explain about SAP R/3 payroll basics
  • ·         Wage types
  • ·         Valuation Methods
  • ·         Payroll Run
  • ·         Payroll Driver
  • ·         Configuration of Schemas

Personnel Development

  • ·         Overview of Personnel Development
  • ·         Profile Matchup with Applicant
  • ·         Career & Success Plan of Employee
  • ·         Qualifications

Training & Event Management

  • ·         Overview of T & E Management
  • ·         Business Event Preparation
  • ·         Business Event Catalog
  • ·         Day to Day Activities
  • ·         Recurring Activities

ASAP Methodology

  • ·         Explain about ASAP Methodology
  • ·         Explain about integrations between Applications.
  • ·         Give Some Business Scenarios

SAP HR training duration in Pune

  • ·         Regular Classes( Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • ·         Weekend Training Classes( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)
  • Duration: 10 Weeks
  • ·         Fast Track Training Program( 7+ hours classes daily)
  • Duration: within 7 weeks

SAP HR trainer Profile & Placement

  • ·         Our SAP HR Trainers
  • ·         More than 9 Years of experience in SAP HR    Technologies
  • ·         Has worked on 12 real-time SAP HR projects
  • ·         Working in an MNC company in Pune
  • ·         Trained 1000+ Students so far.
  • ·         Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge