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Best SAP DYNPRO Training in Pune | Guidance Post

All about SAP-DYNPRO under Guidance Point in Pune

The main focus of this exclusive web application technology is the development of server-side business applications. The user interface is defined in a totally declarative manner and this is because of its design feature. Web Dynpro applications can be produced using either a JAVA(Web Dynpro for Java, WDJ or WD4J) OR ABAP(Web Dynpro ABAP, WDA or WD4A) flavor. SAP-DYNPRO training in Pune is delivering the best SAP-DYNPRO knowledge at a very reasonable cost.

The very first variant of Web Dynpro arrived in 2003 and was based on JAVA. This particular variant was released approximately 18 months before the ABPB variant.

But the JAVA variant of Web Dynpro encountered less commercial success, and as of 2010, it has been placed in maintenance. This also means that the current product is carried to the degree that any bugs are fixed, however, until now there is no news of any new function to be added. The main focus of SAP's development is on the ABAP variant of Web Dynpro.

The Web Dynpro Framework is like a server-side runtime condition into which many dedicated "hook methods" are possible. The developer then puts their own custom coding inside this hook techniques in order to achieve the desired business functionality.

These hook arrangements belong to one of the wide categories of either "lifecycle" or "roundtrip" that is those arrangements that are  concerned with the lifecycle of a software component i.e. (processing that takes place at startup and shut down etc.) and those methods that are connected with processing the planned chain of accidents that take place during a client-initiated cycle trip to the server.

NOTE:- Webdyn Pro is directed at the growth of the business application that follows standardized UI principles, applications that correlate to the backend system which are scalable.


Guidance Point delivers the best Web Dynpro training in Pune with the most experienced and well-educated trainers. Our instructors/trainers have a handful experience of working in the MNCs and project related to this particular domain. As we are aware of the trend which is to enhance the student's ability by providing him/her more practical knowledge and keeping this thing in mind we have made the modules in such a way that he/she will get more of practical knowledge than of theoretical.

We have framed our modules in such a manner that they deal with every possible query from the beginner level of a student to the pro level.

Here are the major topics whiuch we are gonna cover under Web Dynpro:-

  • ·         Object Oriented ABAP
  • ·         Introduction to Web Dynpro
  • ·         Controller
  • ·         Context
  • ·         User Interface
  • ·         Internalization
  • ·         Messages & Exception Handling
  • ·         Component Usage
  • ·         FPM
  • ·         Miscellaneous Topics

SAP Dynpro training course content and Syllabus in Pune

Object Oriented ABAP

  • ·        OO Concepts - Polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction.
    Classes, Instances, Interfaces, methods, Events.
    Local/Global classes, Casting.

Introduction to Web Dynpro

  • ·         MVC architecture.
  • ·         Views, Windows, Components, Applications.
  • ·         Navigation between views.


  • ·         Types of Controllers
  • ·         Component Controller
  • ·         View Controller
  • ·         Interface controller
  • ·         Window Controller
  • ·         Custom Controller
  • ·         Hook methods of the controllers.


  • ·         Nodes & attributes
  • ·         Cardinality, Lead selection, Singleton, Supply function.
  • ·         Context Mapping

User Interface

  • ·         Layouts
  • ·         Simple UI elements
  • ·         Complex UI elements

Programming with Controllers and Context

  • ·         Reading/Writing/navigating from/to Context Node/attribute
  • ·         Service calls
  • ·         Example scenarios


  • ·         Assistance class
  • ·         OTR Texts
  • ·         Texts from assistance class

Messages & Exception Handling

  • ·         Message handler class & wizard
  • ·         Exception handler class & wizard
  • ·         Messages from T100

Component Usage

  • ·         ALV (ABAP List Viewer) in WDP
  • ·         OVS (Object Value Selector) in WDP
  • ·         Select-Options in WDP

FPM (Floor Plan Manager)

  • ·         Floorplans
  • ·         Object Instance Floorplan (OIF)
  • ·         Guided Activity Floorplan (GAF)
  • ·         Quick Activity Floorplan (QAF)
  • ·         Generic UI Building Blocks (GUIBBs)
  • ·         Feeder Class, Events
  • ·         FORM , LIST, SEARCH GUIBBs
  • ·         Introduction to POWL

Miscellaneous Topics

  • ·         Enhancements to standard WDP components
  • ·         Real-time scenarios in R/3 & SRM
  • ·         Phase Model
  • ·         I-Views introduction
  • ·         Topics from trainees (if any)

SAP Dynpro training duration in Pune

  • ·         Regular Classes( Morning, Day time & Evening)
  • ·         Duration : 6 weeks
  • ·         Weekend Training Classes( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)
  • ·         Duration : 10 Weeks
  • ·         Fast Track Training Program( 7+ hours classes daily)
  • ·         Duration : within 7 weeks

SAP Dynpro trainer Profile & Placement

Our SAP Dynpro Trainers

  • ·         More than 8 Years of experience in SAP Technologies
  • ·         Has worked on 10 real-time SAP Dynpro projects
  • ·         Working in an MNC company in Pune
  • ·         Trained 1124+ Students so far.
  • ·         Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • ·         SAP Dynpro certified Professionals

SAP Dynpro (sap Webdynpro) Placement Training in Pune

  • ·         More than 1124+ students Trained
  • ·         888 students Placed
  • ·         539 Interviews Organized
  • ·         Placement Supported by