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Best SAP BI Training Institute in Pune | Guidance Point

 All about SAP - BI(Bussiness Intelligence) Training in Pune

Let me give a brief knowledge about SAP - BI(Business Intelligence) & what you are gonna gain from the SAP - BI(Business Intelligence) training in Pune.

Firstly let me tell you that BI is a part of SAP & stands for Business Intelligence. Previously it was also known as Business Information Warehouse. The topmost component of SAP Netweaver Technology is BI itself. 

As we all know that for optimization with profitability & productivity a firm needs a proper & to the point data.

Under SAP - BI Training in Pune we are going to learn the facilities provided by SAP - BI are:-

  • ·         Reporting
  • ·         Analysis
  • ·         Interpretation 

The functioning of the SAP - BI (Business Intelligence)

Under SAP - BI data is integrated from the different- different sources, it is then consolidated or we can say transformed, data cleansing is done and then it is taken into use then after all these processes an SAP - BI system works as a target system for the data transfer to the target BI targets.

The components of SAP - BI

  • ·         Data Warehousing 

Data store objects



  • ·         BI Platform




  • ·         BI Suite(Business Explorer/B Ex)

Development Technologies

Java SDK

Open Analysis Interface

Web Design API


Here are the points that make SAP-BI the best effective BI tool.

·         Data from different sources can be managed from a single source.

·         Data which is collected from different sources is molded in the form of well-organized reports which also makes it easy for the analyst to analyze.

·         Better formatting & easy GUI is provided in SAP-BI.

·         The main or we can say the key functionality of the SAP - BI is that it can read the multidimensional data in both Web as well as MS Office Environment, Flexible Dashboards, etc.

  • ·         AP - BI is generally famous for its query related performance.
  • ·         Easy integration for all the other platforms and it is mobile friendly too.

An overview of SAP - BI Class in Pune

The data in SAP - BI is managed with the help of a centralized tool SAP-BI Administration Workbench.

Functions of this BI platform are:-

  • ·         OLAP Processor
  • ·         Metadata Repository
  • ·         Process Designer & other functions

Info package

The main aim of this tool is just to specify how & when to load data to the BI system from different sources.

It is filled with all the required information on how the data is loaded from the source system to a data source.

BI Content

  • ·         BI consists of the following components.
  • ·         Roles
  • ·         Query
  • ·         Info provider
  • ·         Info Source
  • ·         Update Rules
  • ·         Data Source
  • ·         Info Objects

BI objects are further divided into multiple BI content areas

  • ·         SCM
  • ·         HR
  • ·         CRM
  • ·         Finance Management
  • ·         Product Lifecycle
  • ·         Industry Solutions

What all we will be covering in the SAP - BI Training Institute in Pune 

  • ·         SAP - BI Tables
  • ·         SAP - BI Transaction Codes
  • ·         SAP - BI Business object Tutorial
  • ·         SAP - BI Crystal Report Tutorial
  • ·         SAP - BI Lumira

We will be providing training related PDF of

  • ·         SAP Business Objects BI Customization Guide in PDF
  • ·         Getting started & creating BI workspaces - Introduction Tutorial
  • ·         BI Workspace User Guide - Training Material
  • ·         Business Intelligence Platform Guide
  • ·         SAP BI Java Software Development Kit Developers Guide
  • ·         Mobile BI report Designer Guide

SAP - BI Applications

BI can be used in for handling the following applications.

Performance metrics & benchmarking

  • ·         Analytics
  • ·         Business Reporting
  • ·         Knowledge management