Remote Monitoring of Patient Body Temperature Over The Internet

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Remote Monitoring of Patient Body Temperature Over The Internet

Remote monitoring of patient body temperature over the internet. The main aim of the project is to acquire real-time body temperature of a person remotely over internet falling under the category of Internet of Things-IOT. For this real-time scenario we take one digital temperature sensor, interfaced to a microcontroller of 8051 series to send live data to a remote location anywhere in the world over internet.

The data is directly sent through a Wi-Fi module interfaced to the microcontroller under TCP IP protocol to a dedicated IP on the cloud via networked wireless modem environment.

Itdisplays the data in real time chart form such as line type, bar type, pie  type etc. in any internet connected PC / Laptop either for viewing by self or by public.. The real time data is also seen at the sending end upon a LCD display interfaced to the microcontroller.

The power supply consists of a step down transformer 230/12V, which steps down the voltage to 12V AC. This is converted to DC using a Bridge rectifier and it is then regulated to +5V using a voltage regulator 7805 which is required for the operation of the microcontroller , 3.3 volt for the Wi-Fi unit and other components.


Hardware Requirements:

  • ·         Microcontroller
  • ·         LCD display
  • ·         digital Temperature sensors
  • ·         Resistors
  • ·         Capacitors
  • ·         Diodes
  • ·         Transformer
  • ·         Voltage Regulator

Software Requirements:

  • ·         Keil compiler
  • ·         Language: Embedded C or Assembly