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Computer IT Projects in Pune

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The main objective is to develop technology that include android application and web application to provide digitalization to both, an individual and RTO system, by reducing the documentation part. Guidancepoint is best choice to guide you to complete Computer IT Projects in Pune.

Fingerprints are rich in details which are in the form of discontinuities in ridges known as minutiae and are unique for each person. One of the most important tasks considering an automatic fingerprint recognition system is the minutiae bio-metric pattern extraction from the captured image of the fingerprint. The fingerprint matcher compares features by using Digital Image processing from input search point against all appropriate driving licenses in the database to determine if a probable match exists. With this implementation, therell be no need to carry documents along. A single fingerprint and an image will be enough to recognize and verify the individual and the vehicle. Mobile platforms such as smart-phones and tablet computers have attained the technological capacity to perform tasks beyond their intended purposes. The steady increase of processing power has enticed researches to attempt increasingly challenging tasks on mobile devices with appropriate modifications over their stationary counterparts. In this work we describe main features of software modules developed for Android smart phones that are used by RTO. Guidancepoint provides Computer IT Projects in Pune and final year IT projects in Pune.

officers for license and vehicle documents verification. In this project we use bio-metric approach like fingerprints and vehicle number plates for verification.


An individual has to carry licence and vehicle documents, if he fails to present those at the time of certain on road investigation by Government authority, He has to pay the fine, here carrying documents is a mandatory part. This tedious and hectic procedure inspired us to think about the present RTO system and also motivated us to implement this system which increases the robustness and efficiency of RTO system and traffic issues. We would implement this system on android to give portability to system. 

Project Idea

The application helps the RTO officials by reducing workload, documentation and manual efforts required to verify documents and also helps the individual to reduce their documentation part.

Objective of Project

The main objective is to develop a technology that includes android application and web application to provide digitalization to both individual and RTO system, by reducing the documentation part.


  • ·         To reduce the documentation part.
  • ·         On spot verification of license.
  • ·         Instant verification of license.
  • ·         To make RTO system more robust and efficient.

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