Wireless Intranet Based Media Storage Using Raspberry

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Wireless Intranet Based Media Storage Using Raspberry


It has been remarkably successful and there have been over 1 million Raspberry Pi systems sold. The Raspberry Pi can also be a useful tool in conventional IT environments and can be an inexpensive way to perform storage of the data on the USB drive or hard disk. Storing documents on file sharing services like Drop box and Google Drive has become a common practice online in the last five years. In that time, as people create, edit and hoard older data files, they find they are running short of the free space included with an account. With more and more people opting for either a tablet-only existence or switching from a traditional desktop computer with multiple internal drives to a laptop with a much smaller SSD drive, finding an alternate storage system is important and nowadays everyone has smart mobile. So its easy to use the Wi-Fi facility of mobile.


Project consists of ARM11, WI-FI module, laptop or smart phone,usb drive. ARM11 processor is heart of the project. All the action is carried out through the controller. Data from PC/mobile like files, photos is send to the ARM11 via WI-FI module. USB port is inbuilt in ARM11. So , WI-FI module is interfaced to the ARM11 controller using wifi dongle. Data from mobile is send to the controller via WI-FI module. And via controller it is send to the usb driver through usb port .So we will easily able to move our data from any PC or Mobile into the hard drive through our application.


  1. 1)      The proposed system is used as the media storage system designed using ARM11 Raspberry pi.
  2. 2)      Initialize the Wi-Fi module.
  3. 3)      Send the data (photos, files, and videos) form PC/mobile via Wi-Fi module.
  4. 4)      Initialize the inbuilt USB port available on ARM11.
  5. 5)      Send the data to the USB drive via USB port.
  6. 6)      Thus using this app we will easily transfer the data on hard drive.


  • ·         Linux OS
  • ·         ARM 11 Board
  • ·         Wifi module


  • ·         Raspberry Pi module is provided with all types of interfaces(like Bluetooth,USB, etc)
  • ·         Easily able to move our data from any PC or Mobile into the hard drive through our project.
  • ·         Inexpensive than other modules.


  • ·         Range of Wi-Fi router is limited.


  • ·         Industries
  • ·         Hotels