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What is Python? 

    Python is well known programming language, was developed by Guiddo Van Rosssum in 1991.Python is general-purpose interpreted, interactive, object oriented and high level programming language. It is used for server side web development, software development, & system scripting. Python was named after the television show Monty Python’s Flying Circus. It means a programmer can change the code and quickly see the results. 

Why Python Training ? 

Python works on different platforms(Mac, OS, Windows, Linux, Rasberry PI etc) 

Python is as simple as English Language. 

Python has linguistic structure that enables engineers to compose programs with less lines than some other programming languages. 

Python can be treated procedurally, a question orientated way or a practical way. 

Why Guidance Point is best python class in pune: 

  1. Industry driven course modules 

  1. Weekly assignments 

  1. Industry experts 

  1. 100% job assistance 

  1. Interview preparation 

  1. Live case studies 

  1. Individual focus 

  1. In this unique existence where everything changes at a quick rate, the ubiquity of Python never appears to stop. Be that as it may, have you at any point thought about whether it is extremely justified, despite all the trouble? In the event that indeed, where would it be able to take you? Aside from these, there are couple of different inquiries which may trouble you. In this article, I would answer every such inquiry with respect to Python Career Opportunities  

  • Python developer 

  • Research Analyst 

  • Data Analyst 

  • Data Scientist 

  • Devops Engineer 

Python developers are paid more than their .Net and PHP developers. According to analysis the median salary of Python Developer (with 2 to 4 years of experience) was Rs 5.0 lakhs. 

Python course in Pune Syllabus:- 

1: Python Overview 

Definition of  Python..? 

Evolution of Python & its career scope 

Need of Python..? 

Python Installation Steps 

Execution of Python program 

First Python Program 

2: Python Variables & Data Types 

Variables & its types 

Numeric & string type variable 

Lists, Tuples & Dictionary types 

3: Conditional & Control Statements & Loops 

If & if …..else statement 

Syntax of else ….if loop 

While & for loop 

continue & break statement 

4: Functions 

What is function? 

 Method to Call a function 

Types of Function arguments 

What are Built-in functions & User-defined Functions 

5: Modules & Packages in Python 

How to create modules in Python 

Method to import in-built python modules 

Python Packages 

Creation of python packages 

6: Classes & Objects in Python 

Use of classes & objects in Python 

Syntax to create class & object in Python 

Use of Inheritance, Method Overriding, Data Hiding in Python  

7: Files & Exception Handling in Python 

How to Write data to a file 

Steps for Reading data from a file 

Steps to Read and Write data from csv file 

How to use default exceptions? 

Steps to raise an exception 

What is user defined exception 

8 : Use of Python Libraries 

Introduction to data analysis? 

Use of data analysis in Python 

What are in-built Python Libraries 

Installation and setup Of  JPython, Jupyter NoteBook 

9 : Pandas & parallelism in python 

Steps to Install pandas 

What are Pandas data frames? 

Description of Pandas Series 

Usage of Data aggregation in Pandas Data Frames 

How to concatenate and append Data Frames in Panda 

Method to Join Data Frames 

Method to Handle missing data 

Parallelism in Python 

10: Interaction of Oracle Database Access in Python 

Steps to Install the cx_Oracle in Python 

How to Create Database Connection using Python 

CREATE, INSERT, READ, UPDATE and DELETE Operation in Python 

DML and DDL Operations in Python 

Steps to Handle Database Errors  

Disconnecting Database from Python 

11: Multithreading & Django in Python 

Multithreading in Python 

Steps to create thread in Python 

Django overview, installation & setup in Python 

Usage of Django Framework in Python 

Features of Django 

Django Projects 

 Assignment and Live Examples: 

Real time examples with live project .Every weekend 30-40 examples will be given for hands-on Practice of every topic 

Duration  : 30 days  Including Complete Lab Practical's 

Trainer:   Having 5+ Years of Experience 

Availability:  Weekdays/Weekends 

Prerequisite:  No Prerequisite. We will start from Basic i.e. windows/UNIX Basics