Best Machine Learning Training in Pune

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Best Machine Learning Training in Pune


Machine learning is one kind of science that connected to computers and use without explicitly programmed. From last some years, there has a lot been done with help of machine learning like it gave us the self-driving cars, effective web search, speech recognition, and improved knowledge of human genome. Today, machine learning is highly pervasive and we most likely use this many a times in a day without even knowing it. The researchers think that it is one of the best ways of making any progress as per the human-level Artificial Intelligence. With Guidance Point, you will get complete machine learning training in Pune about the highly effective ML techniques and strategies, and get right practice to implement it in a right way as well as making them to work out for you. With us, you will not just learn about theoretical underpinnings of Machine learning, but you will also gain practical know-how to powerfully and quickly apply the techniques to solve new problems.

Career Scope

There are multiple career scopes in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and average salaries play an important in Machine Learning career goal. It recommends that the future for an individual who would like to enter in Machine Learning career will be exciting and bright in the upcoming years. There is a huge requirement for an individual with the right skills set in area of the Machine Learning in future. Also, there are some multiple career goals that they can move even after entering in Machine Learning Engineer like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Analytics and more.

Why Opt For This Course?

With Machine learning courses taking across the world, many companies need experts to be completely aware of ins & outs of the machine learning.  Guidance Point Machine Learning course gives the engineers, data scientists, or other professionals’ hands-on skills as well as the knowledge needed for the job competency and certification in this course. Demand for the machine learning knowledge and skills are growing at an alarming rate. So, there is a huge scope for a person who chooses to do machine learning training in Pune.

Why Choose Our Machine Learning Course?

Across various industries, there’s a huge demand for the skilled machine learning professionals and engineers. The talented machine learning engineers and scientist are in huge demand across the world and different industries. It makes Machine Learning course in Pune one of the best course for the candidates who have the mid-level and intermediate experience. At Guidance Point, we recommend the Machine Learning course for the following professionals:

  • ·         Business analysts who is interested in learning different data science techniques
  • ·         Analytics experts who want to work in machine learning
  • ·         Professionals who want to use machine learning to get good insights
  • ·         Graduates who are keen to build the profession in data science and machine learning

5. Who Can Learn our Course?

Anybody who is interested in the field of Machine Learning and Data Science can go ahead and look for the best machine learning training institute Pune. The developers who want to be the professional data scientist and machine learning engineer can opt for this course. The machine learning course is best for information architects who would like to get expertise in the machine learning algorithms and analytics managers who want to lead the team of analysts fits the bill.

Participants in the Machine Learning course must have:

  • ·         Fair knowledge about the basics of the statistics & mathematics
  • ·         Familiarity with fundamentals of the Python programming


Guidance Point offers Machine Learning course that is designed to clear the Certification Exam. Our whole training content is made by the industry experts for getting best jobs in top MNCs. As a part of the training program you can work on the real time projects or assignments, which have huge implications in real world industry, which will help you to fast track the career effortlessly. In an of our machine learning training in Pune, we  will offer you some quizzes that will reflect on kind of questions that are asked in respective exams as well as helps you to score much better marks in your certification exam.

About Trainers:-

At Guidance Point, we have the renowned Data scientist who already has worked with the top companies and has already proven their capability of developing this course strategy, which has the huge impact on the revenues of different organizations. We have the professional trainers who are teaching Machine Learning from a very long time and have got good experience. They come with strong machine learning expertise and have created decisive strategies for the top 500 corporations.

Important Features of the Machine Learning in Pune

·         Revision Sessions: You will be given many revisions & multiple opportunities for clarifying any doubts with help of our Data Scientist.

·         Project Mentoring: At Guidance Point, you will get right experience by working on live projects from ML Solution providers.


At Guidance point, when you enroll for this course online, you’re welcome to take part in any of the future batches for free. Suppose you have other doubts, our team will help you out in clearing any technical doubts and you will also get face to-face sessions with our professional data scientist who also will act as the mentor. Suppose you opt for a project track, you can get complete sessions with the experienced data scientist

    1.      Scheduler class

    2.      Batch class

    3.      Creational Pattern

    4.      Structural design patterns

    5.      Behavioral Design Patterns

    6.      Design Pattern (Only taken by us)  

Popular degrees with salaries

Engineers at Machine Learning actually have a median salary of around 8 lakhs per annum in Pune. But, the experienced ML professional will expect to get around 18 lakhs per annum. This varies on your total experience, state, and more. Guidance Point Machine Learning Professionals allows ML experts to request for the salary hike beyond an average whenever they have to shift in a Market or will increase the earning potential in case they are employed. The engineers at machine learning are sought after as well as command the yearly median salary of around $114,856. They mainly responsible for a building or managing the platforms for the machine learning projects

Top Companies List

Here the top companies who hire skilled Machine Learning professionals in Pune and it includes:

  • ·         NVIDIA
  • ·         Qualys
  • ·         TOMTOM
  • ·         Han Digital Solution
  • ·         Amazon.
  • ·         Barclays
  • ·         IBM.
  • ·         Microsoft.
  • ·         Facebook.
  • ·         Accenture.
  • ·         Samsung
  • ·         Intel.

Student Testimonials

Rita Jain

Course material provided was quite engaging and was very helpful for me. Trainers in-depth really helped me out in understanding the total concept of Machine Learning.

Saurabh Shukla

I found the course content of Machine Learning to be the excellent one at Guidance Point. The best part is I got a complete understanding of the subject, even though I was just the beginner. Also, I am highly delighted to join the course.

Megha Kulkarni

I got an opportunity to enroll in Machine Learning course at Guidance Point, the course content is just amazing. I had no background of data science, but my coach really helped me out in all possible way.

Shikha Jha

I must say, it is one of the top 10 machine learning classes in Pune and I highly recommend Guidance Point to everyone who wants to choose Machine Learning as their career goal. This is one of the best institutes in Pune.


Indexes: -

            1) [*-] - to be taught when encountered for the first time

            2) [1-] - first example project

            3) [#-] - theory teaching part

0. Machine learning

            - Complex problems, tradition computing, AI, Various branchs of AI

            - What is machine learning? (set of models to solve complex problems)

            - Why learn ML (demand [company], less number of data scienctist, its fun, field open for exploration, etc)

            - What we will be teaching here & course outcome.

            - Time line of the course

1. Basics of python

            - list, tuples, slicing.

            - libraries, importing libraries, (list of libraries we will be using).

            *- numpy basics

            1- confusion matirx

2. Data visualization

            1- matplotlib

3. Importing datasets

            - iris, digits

            - custom datasets

4. k-means

            - Different types of available distance metrics

            - mean, median, a mode for making clusters

            - Number of iterations

5. Decision tree

            - ID3 Algorithm

            - Random forest

6. Regression

            - Least square error (linear)

            - Multiple linear regression

            - Logistic regression

7. Support Vector Machine

            - Kernel trick

            - PCA

            - Regression (if possible)

8. Naive Bayes Classifier

            #- probability (conditional probability, NB rule, etc)

            - feature set

9. Neural Network

            - Single perceptron

            #- linear algerbra (matrix multiplication)

            - Linear classifier

            #- calculus (derivation, finding slope)

            - Gradient descent

            - Complete Neural Network