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Home Tuitions in Pune

Guidancepoint offers best Home Tuitions in Pune. We are well established Teaching Institute and has well experienced teaching staff. We believes in practical learning than bookish one. Our tutors are excellent and very helpful. Home tuitions is a new way of teaching. In todays compitative world every parent want their children to top the exams. For such success your children need quality education and extra coaching. Guidancepoint is best option you should try. We provide tuitions to your door.

Though home tuitions is new way of education, it has roots in history. Gurukula system of education is prevalent in ancient India. It is in practice from Vedic period. The Guru-Shishya tradition has its roots in Vedas. The Upanishads mentioned various Gurukulas of that time. The main philosophy behind forming Gurukulas is to strengthen teacher – student relationship. For that purpose they are told to live together under one roof. The system helped teachers to understand their pupils better. Coexistence of students and teachers established good bonding between them. This ancient gurukul system is ideal but it is impractical in today’s scenario. Parents don’t allow their children to live away from them for education. At least for primary education, parents prefer the school near to their home.

 But what about quality education? Are parents really happy with the teachings in school? Is school teaching is enough to compete in exams?  Absolutely not. In this competitive world, school teaching is not enough. Extra Tuitions are necessary as there is huge competition outside.  But there is flood of private tuitions in market. Its very difficult for parents to choose best among them. Though it is eminent Tuition institute, the students- teacher ratio is not satisfactory.

And that’s why we come with the new way to educate your children and make them fit to fight with exams. We provide Home Tuitions in Pune. We gives doorstep tuition service. Our tutors offers individual tuitions according to your time at your place. Home tuition system is similar to that of Gurukula system. It enables teachers to concentrate on single student. Home tuitions helps teachers to establish good bonding with students. The understanding level between student and teacher is high in Home tuitions.

We provide well qualified, professional and experienced tutors. We have separate tutors for each subject. They all are specialized in their respective subjects. Our tutors are caring and friendly. They make teaching fun for students.

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