Leading Fashion Designing Courses in Pune

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Leading Fashion Designing Courses in Pune


As soon as we hear the word “fashion” the prime thing that strikes our mind is fashionable clothes, models bestowing off in a ramp walk, etc. But let me tell you that Fashion is really bigger & much greater than just those ramp walks. We Guidance Point are offering the Leading fashion designing course in Pune. With time, people are getting fashion alert. They are getting the right prospects of what does fashion designing really means.

Fashion is the unique integrity of a person that defines his/her character.

Fashion is a generic or global term for a popular style or trend in clothing, makeup, footwear, accessories, hairstyles, etc. It is one of the latest trends that is being liked and followed by a large number of people at the same time in every era. Fashion is quite deeply very much affected & influenced by cultural and social attitudes of a place.

If anyone wants to pursue this particular domain as his/her professional one, there are literally many courses and lines available through various Fashion designing institutes & courses.

Our Courses incorporate workshops, fellow lectures, industry visits, etc. We also offer online programs for personality development. We also run training of technician and entrepreneur level under our institute of the fashion technology domain.

This empowers students to opt for a highly paid job or start their own business. Our institutes believe that students should we made aware of the practical application whenever they enroll for the course. We have this excellent enhanced training with a complete & student-friendly curriculum.

Career Scope:-

Professional training under Guidance Point the Leading fashion designing courses in Pune touches each and every aspect of fashion designing. Courses like these train you about how to address your first production. At Guidance Point Academy, our enhanced courses help you to know and learn the secrets of identifying the right fellow tailors, pattern makers, specimen makers.

Under this training, you will discover everything about

  • 1.      Finding Fabrics and Suppliers;
  • 2.      Earn an understanding of the 4 C’s i.e.

·         Customers, Culture, Competition, and Concepts.

These trails will definitely lead you to the D-Day – the selling phase. You must have gone through the labor and you must be having your clients remaining. It’s time to sell! Our extremely versatile courses guide you in setting up your own boutique and summoning your clients.

The fashion world is waiting for you. Just enroll in our courses and start the journey for an exceptional career.

We put an end to your job worries: Our placement the crew is regularly in touch with some of the reputed fashion designing organizations. All the learners procuring admission for this versatile animation course will surely be given 100% placement assistance by the institute.

Why opt for this course?

It usually happens that learners take admissions for different courses under this domain i.e. fashion designing & they just receive theoretical knowledge. But the fashion technology courses which we offer in our institute are fully charged with practical exposure!!

This the course is pointed at taking you on a trip of the fashion industry with the commitment of making your name resound intense and clear in the style world, even if you don’t believe that you really have it in you.

With several years of experience in the industry and after giving birth to hundreds of fashion designers, Guidance Point is all about creating promising careers.

What you are gonna take-away from us?

  • ·         You get step-by-step directions and real-life examples
  • ·         You discover how to combine your new job or business into your busy life
  • ·         You understand how to decide what to do and what not to
  • ·         You get a fair picture of the kind of fashion that makes the most sense for you


Why Choose Our Fashion Designing Course In Pune?

  • 1.      We've experienced and certified trainers.
  • 2.      After completion of the Course program, we offer 100% of job placement to our students.
  • 3.      We will train you in various sections of  Fashion Designing training, which grants complete knowledge on this course.
  • 4.      We focus on both practical and theoretical learning in our Fashion Designing Course course Training Centres in Pune.
  • 5.      Our Course training fees are highly affordable.
  • 6.      We will keep you updated about the latest trends that will help you to get ready for the job.
  • 7.      We have got multiple branches that will allow our students from across the city to enroll in our cloud computing training courses in Pune.
  • 8.      We run different batches on weekdays & weekends so that you may join the batch which suits your schedule.

Who Can we Learn our Course?

Our Course is suitable for the candidates who are looking to build their careers in Fashion Designing fields and mind you this course is among the top 10 Fashion Designing Course in Pune.

Fashion Designing is a platform that is used by top companies all across the world. It gives rise to the whole ecosystem of Style.

Such an ecosystem will create over 1 million jobs in the future & meet this demand for job new & talented Fashion Designers will be required.


  • 1.      Free Demo Sessions
  • 2.      100% Guaranteed Placement
  • 3.      Trained 3000+ Candidates from 2010 - 11
  • 4.      Get Study Material Prepared by Industry Experts
  • 5.      Resume & Interview Preparation by Experts
  • 6.      Weekend and Regular Batches
  • 7.      Flexible Timings

Course Overview:-

A year-wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is listed below.

Year I

  • 1.      Fashion Designing
  • 2.      Fashion Accessory           
  • 3.      Textile science Product Specification
  • 4.      Pattern Making and Garment Construction          
  • 5.      Fashion merchandising and management


Year II

  • 1.      Fashion Illustration
  • 2.      Fashion Ornamentation
  • 3.      Product Specification
  • 4.      Computer-Aided Design
  • 5.      Fashion Marketing and Management


Upon thriving completion of this course, you will be given a course completion certificate & 

  • ·         City of Oxford Coll, UK & Times and Trends Academy
  • ·         Online certificate for “Learn from Manish Malhotra” program

If anyone wants to apply for global certifications, then you are most welcome to give tests at our centers for convenience.


About Trainers:-

  • 1.      Well qualified industry experts
  • 2.      Worked on live projects related to this domain
  • 3.      Having an industry experience of almost 5 years
  • 4.      Trained more than 500+ students 


  • 1.      Scheduler class
  • 2.      Batch class
  • 3.      Creational Pattern
  • 4.      Structural design patterns
  • 5.      Behavioral Design Patterns
  • 6.      Design Pattern (Only taken by us)   


Our Training Centres in Pune:-

  • 1.      Kothrud
  • 2.      Shivajinagar
  • 3.      Wakad
  • 4.      Deccan
  • 5.      Karvenagar
  • 6.      Chinchwad
  • 7.      Swargate
  • 8.      MG road
  • 9.      Camp
  • 10.  Pune Satara Road

Popular degrees with salaries:-

JOB POSITION                                                                                AVERAGE ANNUAL SALARY

Fashion Designer                                                                                 INR 3 to 4 Lacs

Fashion Illustrator                                                                               INR 5 to 6 Lacs

Fashion Merchandiser                                                                         INR 4 to 5 Lacs

Retail Manager                                                                                   INR 3 to 4 Lacs

Stylist                                                                                                   INR 4 to 5 Lacs


Students Reviews:-


Nazma Khan –

There were lots of highlights of ‘Nature development’ sessions under the top fashion designing courses in Pune program but here are some of my takeaways from the session in the Leading fashion designing courses in Pune:-

  • ·         Let go of everything which is not necessary and focuses on things which are useful
  • ·         Not to keep the load of “Ego – Eliminating good opportunities”
  • ·         Arising out of comfort zone – Just get out of our comfort zone and do what is required in life.

Overall, it was a much-needed session for stimulating us and keep us moving in life no matter what.”

Anjali Pal -

“A very big thank to Amit sir for this amazing program. It was very nice, encouraging & motivating. I got to know the significance of the team-work, and the exercises given to us were very enjoyable & exciting. We got to learn many things from these exercises.”

No doubt that Guidance Point delivers the best fashion designing training in Pune.

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