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Music Classes in Pune

Music Education

Music, like language, is an accomplishment that distinguishes humans as a species. Guidance point Pune quite simply, is a website highlighting a wide variety of excellent college music programs, proven advice for getting into music college, dozens of the best music careers available to those with a music degree, challenges and potential solutions existing in higher music education, and more.

Parts Of Music:                                               

Fundamentals of Music A

This course, first in a three-quarter sequence, is primarily intended for students without previous musical experience. It introduces music notation and basic music theory topics. It also introduce  such as intervals, scales, keys, and chords, as well as basic rhythm skills.

Fundamentals of Music B

This course, second in a three-quarter sequence, focuses on understanding music theory and in developing musical ability through rhythm, ear training, and sight singing exercises. Topics include major and minor scales, seventh-chords, transposition, compound meter and rudiments of musical form. .

Fundamentals of Music C

This  third course  in a three-quarter sequence. offers solid foundation in musical literacy through exercises such as harmonic and melodic dictation. sight singing exercises and rhythm in various meters. Topics include complex rhythm, harmony, and basic keyboard skills. .

Basic Musicianship

Primarily intended for music majors. Development of basic skills: perception and notation of pitch and temporal relationships. Introduction to functional harmony. Studies in melodic writing. Drills in sight singing, rhythmic reading, and dictation. Passing score on proficiency exam. Must be taken in sequence.

Basic Keyboard

Scales, chords, harmonic progressions, transposition, and simple pieces. concurrent enrollment in Music 2A, B, C.

Jazz Keyboard

This course will introduce basic voicing and voice leading, stylistically appropriate accompaniment, and basic chord substitution.  Music 2AK and 2BK or passing proficiency exam, or consent of instructor. Concurrent enrollment in Music 2C.

Introduction To Western Music

A brief survey of the history of Western music from the Middle Ages to the present. Much attention will be paid to the direct experience of listening to music and attendance of concerts. Class consists of lectures, listening labs, and live performances


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