Best Dance Coaching Institute In Pune

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 Best Dance Coaching Institute In Pune

Among the well-known physical benefits of dance, research has now proven many other psychological benefits of dance too. Dancing simulates co-ordination, focus, and memory. It helps one learn to self-aware, be disciplined, improved teamwork and time management, better peripheral vision and a higher threshold of pain.

It spreads positive vibes, helps to rejuvenate, and expresses what one cannot express in words! Dance is happiness, and dance is everywhere!

"I did not want to be a tree, a flower or a wave. In a dancers body, we as an audience must see ourselves, not the imitated behavior of everyday actions, not the phenomenon of nature, not exotic creatures from another planet, but something of the miracle that is a human being. The body says, what words cannot."

We try to offer as much as we can less than one platform. With the best of faculty, who are nationally renowned, opportunities to gain experience as well as exposure, and facilities that we keep improving for our students, we believe that dance is truly beyond just a movement.


Types Of Dance Form:

Contemporary Dance

If you have a love of dancing, then this workshop is perfect for you. Learn how to dance beautifully and with rhythm. Get trained in steps, style and technique so that you can unleash the dancer in you.

Freestyle Dance

Freestyle dancing is a style of physical movement, usually done to music that is not choreographed planned ahead of time. It appears in many genres, including those where people dance with partners.


If you are interested to learn Indian classical dance we are here to serve you to learn the best. We provide you the best serve here you will learn art which will help u to control youre your body possess n how to throw the eye sight according to the direction of move.

Western dance

Join this dance class under many forms of dance. Familiarize yourself with the American country dance accompanied by the county western music a fun dance class for all those who want to explorer there fun hobby and forget them in dance


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