Future scope of Java and Java Programmers in India

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Future scope of Java and Java Programmers in India

Let’s first understand from where this JAVA originated. Actually, it was developed by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems (which has since been acquired by Oracle Corporation) & discharged in 1995 as a core component of Sun Microsystems' Java platform.

The language obtains most of its syntax from C & C++ but it lacks somewhat in the facilities if compared to either of them.

Scope in future for Java Programmers in India

Below are some of the points which reflect the endless opportunities accessible for Java Programmers in India.

  • ·       Government projects like MAKE IN INDIA, DIGITAL INDIA & DEMONITIZATION are surely gonna boost the demand for Java Programmers in every company/firm that is attached with the tag DIGITAL.
  • ·        If we go according to the reports then still Java and JavaScripts are the ultimate kings of the coding world.
  • ·       Because of automation and adoption of the latest digital technologies and that also with a very high pace, India's $150 billion IT service outsourcing industry has started to adjust.
  • ·       Peoples Popularity of Programming Language index, which is a parameter of the rating the languages and ranking the languages, according to the popularity of languages among the programmers has declared Python, JavaScript, R & Swift as an attraction gainer which is gaining attraction of the youth in India and on the other side Java & PHP are still sharing the largest share of the search.

Basically, I just want to convey that the knowledge of  Java Programmer is really very unique and valuable. And most importantly you must not have to be an expert in Java Programming.

The thing which matters the most is only the right trainer and the right training so that you get the maximum for a brighter future.

Skills required becoming a perfect Java Programmer:-

  • ·         JSP/Servlets
  • ·         Web Frameworks like Struts/Spring
  • ·         Service Oriented Architecture/ Web Services - SOAP/REST
  • ·         Web Technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript & Jquery
  • ·         Markup languages like XML & JSON

Job Opportunities for Java Programmers

If we discuss the job opportunities in the field of Java firstly one should be regularly updated with the latest technologies like Java-UI-Developers, Android Developers & many others.

As there are no of numerous new technologies and as a result, we also have huge opportunities.

And the interesting thing about these technologies is that these technologies are the highest paid jobs in IT sector, as they related to software development. 

In order to get employment in this particular sector, one should have competent skills as the top most companies are searching for professionals with good hand on knowledge of these domains who can manage multiple projects in J2EE & increase industry performance.

If we go according to the reports and surveys, the average pay of a Java Programmer is Rs.391,797 per year.

Reports also say that people in these jobs have less experience and experience is a very crucial factor of this particular job segment.

Java language in recent time has become the hottest in terms of the market trends and job possibilities and a result of which Java Programmer salary in India has also, become very productive.

Cities that offer the highest salaries to Java Developers in India:

  • ·         Gurgaon, Haryana
  • ·         Bangalore, Karnataka
  • ·         New Delhi, Delhi
  • ·         Mumbai, Maharastra
  • ·         Pune, Maharastra
  • ·         Hydrabad, Andhra Pradesh
  • ·         Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • ·         Kolkata, West Bengal
  • ·         Ahmedabad, Gujarat