Everything about SAP under Guidance Point

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Everything about SAP under Guidance Point

Everything about SAP under Guidance Point

SAP ERP is an enterprise resource planning software that was developed by the German Company SAP SE. SAP ERP includes the key functions of a well-organized organization. The latest version (SAP-ERP 6.0) was made available in 2006. The most recent augmentation Package (EHP8) for SAP ERP 6.0 was released in 2016.

Here you gonna understand the basics of one of the best selling ERP packages in the world i.e. SAP R/3.

The main aim of this blog is published under Guidance Point the best SAP training institute in Pune is to provide basic knowledge about how to develop business solutions for the customers using the developer tools of SAP R/3.

In order to absorb the details of this domain, you need to have a basic knowledge of the various concepts of enterprise resource planning i.e. ERP.

SAP is the king when it comes to software and software-related service revenue in the enterprise application. According to some reports, it's the worlds third largest independent software maker that supports all types and sizes of industries and also helps them to achieve profitability, grow sustainably and stay progressing of the competition in the market.


A short glimpse of SAP under Guidance Point in Pune


At Guidance Point we are delivering the best because we are with the best. Our faculty members are highly qualified and too experienced, well-equipped labs, healthy infrastructure, events like workshops/webinars/live projects are regularly organized just to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of the student.

And after all this, we are the ultimate boss when it comes to placing our students. We are holding 100% placement records for the past 10 years.


The SAP is generally known worldwide for its unique and incredible innovations that help us to run our business with more efficiency.

Some of the facts that justify the upper statement:-

  • ·         More than 263,000 customers in 188 countries.
  • ·         More than 68,800 employees in more than 130 countries.
  • ·         Annual revenue (IFRS) of  $1682 billion.

Our SAP trainers Profile

  • ·         More than 6 Years of experience in SAP Technologies
  • ·         Has worked on 100+ real-time SAP projects
  • ·         Previously worked at MNC companies in Pune
  • ·         Trained 1000+ Students so far.
  • ·         Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • ·         SAP certified Professionals

ISO Certificates 


SAP Development: ISO 9001:2008 certificate

SAP Active Global Support: ISO 9001;2008 certificate

SAP Active Global Support: ISO 27001:2005


Related industries and solutions



  • ·         Aerospace & Defense
  • ·         Automotive
  • ·         Banking
  • ·         Chemicals
  • ·         Consumer Products
  • ·         Defense & Security
  • ·         Engineering, Construction & Operations
  • ·         Healthcare
  • ·         Higher Education & Research
  • ·         High Tech
  • ·         Industrial Machinery, Components
  • ·         Insurance
  • ·         Life Sciences
  • ·         Media
  • ·         Mill Products
  • ·         Mining
  • ·         Oil & Gas
  • ·         Professional Services
  • ·         Public Sector
  • ·         Retail
  • ·         Sports & Entertainment
  • ·         Telecommunications
  • ·         Travel & Transportation
  • ·         Utilities
  • ·         Wholesale Distribution

Line of business

  • ·         Asset Management
  • ·         Sustainability
  • ·         Finance
  • ·         Human Resources
  • ·         Information Technology
  • ·         Manufacturing
  • ·         Marketing
  • ·         R&D, Engineering
  • ·         Sales
  • ·         Service
  • ·         Sourcing and Procurement
  • ·         Supply Chain

Featured solutions

  • ·         Big Data
  • ·         Customer Engagement
  • ·         Internet of Things
  • ·         Rapid Deployment Solutions
  • ·         Security
  • ·         Small & Medium Enterprises
  • ·         User Experience

Business Application

  • ·         Business Suite
  • ·         CRM
  • ·         Enterprise Asset Management
  • ·         Enterprise Resource Planning
  • ·         Financial Management
  • ·         Human Capital Management
  • ·         Procurement
  • ·         Product Lifecycle Management
  • ·         Supply Chain Management
  • ·         Sustainability

Database & Technology

  • ·         Application Foundation
  • ·         Business Process Management and Integration
  • ·         Cloud Computing
  • ·         Content and Collaboration
  • ·         Database
  • ·         Data Management
  • ·         Data Warehousing
  • ·         Enterprise Information Management
  • ·         In-Memory Computing (SAP HANA)
  • ·         Mobile
  • ·         Security


  • ·         Applied Analytics
  • ·         Business Intelligence
  • ·         Data Warehousing
  • ·         Enterprise Performance Management
  • ·         Governance, Risk, Compliance
  • ·         Predictive Analytics


  • ·         Mobile Apps
  • ·         Managed Mobility
  • ·         Mobile Platform
  • ·         Mobile Secure
  • ·         Mobile Services


  • ·         Applications
  • ·         Business Networks
  • ·         Infrastructure
  • ·         Platform
  • ·         Social Collaboration

SAP Allies


SAP allies play an essential role in assisting organizations to buy, build, implement, service & support the SAP solution that best fits their individual needs.

The main aim of the SAP allies is to accomplish business goals as fast as possible and that also with better results.

Broadly, SAP partners help in:-

  • ·         Solving small and midsize enterprise needs
  • ·         Stretching SAP solution with custom apps
  • ·         Operating country and language rollouts
  • ·         Buying SAP solutions

SAP Modules


SAP Solutions under Guidance Point best training institute in Pune include a number of practical modules, which support transactions to execute the important business processes, such as:-

  • ·         Financial Accounting (FI)
  • ·         Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM)
  • ·         Controlling (CO)
  • ·         Materials Management (MM)
  • ·         Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • ·         Logistics Execution (LE)
  • ·         Production Planning (PP)
  • ·         Quality Management (QM)
  • ·         Plant Maintenance (PM)
  • ·         Project System (PS)
  • ·         Human Resources (HR)


Financial Accounting (FI)


SAP FI stands for financial accounting. It is very helpful for financial activities and for managing data. If you are searching for the best institute for learning Best SAP FICO Training Institute in Pune, then try Guidance Point. Guidance Point is the top technical training institute in Pune. The faculty at our institute is very helpful and experienced.


It can be integrated with other SAP modules like SAP SD, SAP PP, SAP MM, SAP SCM, etc.


SAP FI comprises of the following sub-components −

  • ·         Finance Accounting General Ledger.
  • ·         Finance Accounting Accounts Receivable and Payable.
  • ·         Finance Accounting Asset Accounting.
  • ·         Finance Accounting Bank Accounting.
  • ·         Finance Accounting Travel Management.
  • ·         Finance Accounting Fund Management.
  • ·         Finance Accounting Legal Consolidation.

Our approach is totally job oriented and practical. We give our student's assurance of good salary job and placement opportunities.


To view/download the full syllabus:-


Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM)


SCM stands for Supply Chain Management and is one of the very important modules of SAP. Under Guidance Point the best SAP-SCM training is delivered and with utmost dedication and passion. Supply Chain Management covers the areas of

  • ·         Production Planning
  • ·         Business Forecasting
  • ·         Demand Planning

Some other business processes are also combined with Supply Chain Management such as

  • ·         Product Discovery
  • ·         Development Processes
  • ·         Material Purchase Process
  • ·         Production Planning Process


The main purpose of the SCM is just to maximize the level of customer satisfaction with less cost to the organization.


Under Guidance Point the best SAP-SCM training in Pune is delivered with the utmost knowledge and dedication. The fee structure of the training center is also quite pocket-friendly which allows individuals from every class to come and join the training center. We are having years of experience in the particular module as we are having trainers who have worked in some of the top MNCs under this domain.


To view/download the full syllabus:-


Controlling (CO)


SAP Controlling (CO) is another major SAP module offered to the industry. It supports coordination, monitoring, and optimization of all the methods in an organization.

SAP CO includes recording both the consumption of production constituents and the services administered by an organization.

SAP CO includes managing and configuring data that covers cost and profit cores, internal orders, and other cost components and functional areas.


The main objective of the SAP controlling module is planning. It enables you to determine variations by analyzing actual data with plan data and thus enables you to control business flows in your organization.


To view/download the full syllabus:-


Materials Management (MM)


As an enterprise material is a must for the production & SAP-MM (Material Management) module deals with this only. This modules main function is to have the proper and accurate information of the available quantity of the material. This reduces the chance of the shortage type condition of the material in an enterprise.


This process is only called "Procurement Process" which means the act of buying/obtaining goods from vendors.


SAP-MM module speeds up the procurement process by dealing with the different aspects of the process simultaneously & that also with ease with the different aspects of the process like Material, Vendor Master Data, Account Determination & Valuation of Material, Inventory Management, Invoice Verification, Material Requirement Planning, etc.


To view/download the full syllabus:-


Sales and Distribution (SD)


Sales & Distribution module of SAP is one of the very important & crucial modules because the main feature or we would rather say the main advantage of this module is its ability to directly interact with the customers.

Whatever the firm is manufacturing should be consumed in order to gain the full profit of the firm. This process of maximizing the profit is taken care of by SAP-SD and the best SAP-SD training in Pune is being offered by the Guidance Point.


SAP-SD comprises managing sales means like selling, billing, shipping & transportation of products and services of a firm.

Data of the customer is also stored and the communication with the customers starting from building a quotation to sales order and billing of the product or service.


The key components in SAP-SD training modules are:-

  • ·         Customer and Vendor Data
  • ·         Sales Support
  • ·         Shipping of Material
  • ·         Sales Activities
  • ·         Billing Related
  • ·         Transportation of Products
  • ·         Credit Management
  • ·         Contract Handling & Management
  • ·         Foreign Trade
  • ·         Information System

To view/download the full syllabus:-


Logistics Execution (LE)


Logistic Execution can be split into two sub-modules, i.e., purchase of goods (purchase to procurement process) and warehouse administration (storage of goods). These two modules are combined with sale and distribution, material management, and production and planning.


SAP Logistics Execution allows you all the functions necessary for outlining the execution of logistics rules, with no industry-specific prejudice. The core duties of Logistics Execution nearly always concentrate on complex goods slip and goods issue methods. It is connected to Production Planning and Control (PP),  Materials Management (MM) and Sales and Distribution (SD). Logistics Execution includes Warehouse Management, Shipping, and Transportation.


To view/download the full syllabus:- 


Production Planning (PP)


The SAP-PP(Production Planning) is one of the most essential modules in the SAP system and it deals with the planning methods such as capacity planning, material planning, execution of production order, bill of material and goods movement, etc. SAP certifications are the emblem of one's proficiency and expertise in SAP related domain.

Under Guidance Point the best SAP-PP training in Pune the modules are designed in such a way that they also favor beginners who have little knowledge of the SAP-PP. But in order to be a pro in the SAP-PP one should have the basic knowledge of the Production Planning.


As we are aware of the fact that SAP-PP is one of the elements of ERP Central Component (ECC) that helps businesses in the manufacturing, sales and distribution process of the goods. SAP-PP module lets the production department to automates some of the very essential activities in production like

  • ·         Planning
  • ·         Controlling
  • ·         Scheduling

The production planning functions include:-

  • ·         Planning of Schedules
  • ·         Dispatching inspection
  • ·         Control and coordination of raw material
  • ·         Arrangement of machine tools and employees

To view/download the full syllabus:-


Quality Management (QM)


SAP-QM(Quality Management) is an integral part of SAP R/3 system & is blended with the other SAP modules like SAP-MM(Material Management), PP(Product Planning), PM(Plant Maintenance). 


QM is also an essential part of the logistics management & is widely used to perform very important functions such as quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control and that also at the various different stages like an incoming material stage, in-process manufacturing process stage and after production stage also.


SAP-QM module contributes to the procurement and sales, production, planning, control, notification, audit management, inspection and so on. Also, it handles the formulation of quality certificates and handles problems with the help of quality notifications.


Following are the elements available in SAP-QM module:-

  • ·         Basic Data
  • ·         Inspection Planning
  • ·         QM in procurement
  • ·         QM in sales and distribution
  • ·         Quality notification
  • ·         Quality certificates
  • ·         Dynamic modifications
  • ·         Quality Information System
  • ·         Sample management
  • ·         Inspection IOT processing
  • ·         Defects Recording
  • ·         Result Recording

To view/download the full syllabus:-


Plant Maintenance (PM)


As we are aware of the fact that Plant Maintenance is very crucial as well as an elemental part of the logistics function is fully integrated with some other elements like MM & PP.

Each and every business that is related to the manufacturing process will definitely have to implement some or the other feature of the maintenance functions in order to keep their production functions run smoothly and effectively.

As far as SAP is concerned the Plant Maintenence functions cover three major areas of the maintenance:-

  • ·         Inspection
  • ·         Prevention
  • ·         Repair

The work of the first function i.e. Inspection is just to check the condition of the good or material.

The function of the Prevention process is just to keep the goods in the good condition within the operating tolerances and last but not the least the Repair process works is to restore the product in the optimal working/operating condition.


The major topics which we cover in this particular domain are:-

  • ·         Introduction to Classifying Plant Maintenance from a business perspective.
  • ·         Getting Started with the Release 4.6
  • ·         Objects in  R/3 PM
  • ·         Breakdown Maintenance and Corrective Maintenence
  • ·         Planned Maintenance
  • ·         Integrative Aspects
  • ·         Interfaces to Non-SAP Systems

To view/download the full syllabus:-


Project System (PS)


As far as the projects are concerned they are the internal as well as very important parts of the functioning of the company and to maintain the balance in all these projects/tasks an organization needs a form/way that is relevant and very particular to the given tasks to each and every department of the firm.


Before starting the task the entire planning of the task execution should be carried out or planned in a very structured manner. A very clear and structured of a task is the base of a successful plan.

One structure the project keeping in the mind the following steps:-

  • ·         Through structures, using a work breakdown structure(WBS)
  • ·         Through the process, using individual activities (work pages)

Projects managers generally differentiate between two projects on the basis of:-

  • ·         Externally financed projects
  • ·         Internally financed projects

The major topics which we are going to cover are as follows:-

  • 1.      Introduction to Structures and Master Data
  • 2.      Planning Functions
  • 3.      Budget
  • 4.      Projection Execution
  • 5.      Period-End Closing
  • 6.      Reporting

To view/download the full syllabus:-


Human Resources (HR)


SAP-HR also know as HCM(Human Resource Capital Management) whose aim is to deal with all the means of Human Resource Management from the hiring of an employee to his final close.


Under this particular module, you are gonna learn the various topics which are organizational management, personnel administration, recruitment, payroll, time management, personal development, compensation management, ESS in the best SAP-HR training institute in Pune i.e. Guidance Point.


The meaning of the SAP-HR is that it is simply a software application that enables the executives to handle data about their Human Resources effectively.

SAP-HR remits unmatched global capabilities and provides tools to the organization to manage the most important and exclusive asset of the organization i.e. labor.


The role of candidates belonging to this particular domain handles ESS, CATS, info types, personnel management, organizational management, travel management basics, transaction codes, event management & concurrent employment hiring along with the employees track records, etc.


To view/download the full syllabus:-


SAP Integration Tools and Technologies under Guidance Point


There are a number of SAP assimilation tools and technologies that makes it less complicated for developers to build application combinations between SAP and other systems, including:


Intermediate Docs (IDocs): 

IDocs is a usual data format determined by SAP used to swap knowledge between SAP and non-SAP applications. It is typically applied to shift data in and out of SAP.


Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPI):

BAPIs are marked interfaces that can be used by SAP and non-SAP applications. BAPIs are typically used in two-way interaction situations, which provide access to processes and data. There are hundreds of BAPIs accessible, which offer a broad set of purposes for SAP application integration.


SAP Java Connector (JCo):

JCo is a middleware element that permits the development of SAP-compatible segments and applications in Java. JCo has become common in SAP circumstances because it is a very crucial component for Java developers who need to combine with SAP.


Top Companies Paying Salary to SAP Consultants in India


Well, the recompense is not fixed and varies from portion to portion such as expertise and types of projects you have wielded. It also depends on what module you have chosen.

Adopting a new module can surely help you get a hike in your recompense. The average salary of fresher ranges between 3 to 4 lakhs per annum but after earning some experience you can expect 7-10 lakhs on average.



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