Career Opportunities and Future Scope of Salesforce - Guidance Point

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Career Opportunities and Future Scope of Salesforce - Guidance Point

Salesforce Future

Regarding career opportunities, Salesforce is gonna be a very powerful area in which an individual can look for a brighter career. As we all are aware of the fact that if the demand will increase the supply of the material has to be increased(Demand Supply Chain) and hence there is gonna be a huge demand for the opportunities for the individuals in this particular field as supply has to be fulfilled in order to maintain the demand-supply chain.

Career in Salesforce

Basically, there are two major careers in this field

  • ·         Admin
  • ·         Developer

Now here comes a dilemma...

Which side is perfect for you...

Actually, Salesforce offers you a variety of tools which surely are gonna make the lifestyle quite simple and easy with side by side implementing the requirements related to business.

ADMIN & DEVELOPER are the two technical roles which can look up to:-


Admin is a person who has access to the built-in features of the salesforce.

Built-in-features of salesforce includes:-

  • 1.      WORKFLOW
  • 4.      EMAIL TEMPLATES etc

These built-in features are very effective while the process of business implementing is done.

Point & click has to be performed by the Salesforce platform.


The second role is of Developer, he is like the backbone of the sales force and the support of the Admin. 

When any requirement related to business is not cracked with the help of the built-in features and the admin is not able to the point and clicks the developer executes the further task. 

Whenever any complex situations come the developer needs to customize the codes. 

The main aim or goal of the developer is to write that code using APEX which is a programming language.

An interesting fact is that both the Admin & Developer are connected to each other in some or the other sense.

Wanna know how?

Suppose a requirement comes to admin, he will analyze the problem and will lookup for the solutions and if he is unable to solve the problem with his point and click then he will inform the business manager that he is unable to execute the task and please handover the particular task to the developer.

NOW what developer will do he will first check that how much task has been completed without errors with the help of point and click.

This was all about both roles salesforce is offering

Now from point of view if you are a nontechnical person or belongs to a nontechnical background you should opt for the salesforce admin role & if you are very strong in programming you should surely opt for the developer option.

Popular degrees with salaries

  • 1.      Bachelor of Technology(B-Tech)                                                     Rs 223,820 - Rs1,965,270
  • 2.      Bachelor Of Engineering(BE)                                                          Rs 630,766 - Rs2,653,115
  • 3.      Master of Business Administration(MBA)                                      Rs 3,300,000

Some other job roles available for salesforce professionals

  • 1.      Salesforce ANALYST
  • 2.      Salesforce MANAGER
  • 3.      Salesforce ARCHITECT
  • 4.      Salesforce CONSULTANT

Business giants like Amazon, Yamaha, American Express, etc are using Salesforce for making their business successful and profitable.