Career Guidance after 10th Class

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Career Guidance after 10th Class

After 10th! What's next?

Congratulations to all the toppers of the 10th Board exams. We hope that you would have enjoyed your success party till now & now its time to get serious once again.

Your chase to your dreams is not finished yet, we are here to give you full career guidance tips after 10th.

Although class X is one of the very significant steps in a student’s life that does not mean that after the X is over nothing is more significant or important.

After X every student needs to make a decision for his/her future path and that decision start by choosing the favorite stream.

According to me the choice of selecting the stream should be very wisely made with the help of the teachers, parents and also keeping in mind the self-interest and marks obtained previously in that particular subject.

Pros and cons of each stream according to your ability should be measured and then also if you are unable to crack that what stream should you prefer this blog is going to vanish this huge doubt from your mind and if this happens do give a thumbs-up in the comment section below at the end.

In order to make the right choice, one should be very focused on his/her future goals and beware a wrong decision can ruin your career and mind it there is no undo button in life.

hmmm... distressed na!!!

Don't worry read this full blog and hopefully, you will end up this article with a proper forecast of your career.

First of all, try to get the answers to these three questions by yourself...

  • 1.     What are and what will be the future career opportunities in the particular subject you are going to opt for?
  • 2.      What is the syllabus and curriculum followed in the different boards?
  • 3.      Should you prefer professional courses over traditional studies?

As soon as you succeed in answering these questions believe us you are in the process of opting the best for your career.

This finding of answers and analyzing them will develop a new quality in you and that is Decision Making.

Though I learned it quite late in my life when I was doing my PG degree but you can master it at the beginning of your career. Decision making is going to play a very vital role in every step of your life.

At times you will have to make quick decisions and if your reasoning power is good then only you will be able to make the right decision.

Stream preference

The most important and influential decision after class 10th is the selection of the right stream as your future depends on this particular decision.

Avoid that sheep walk that where ever your friends are going you also started walking behind them. Try to make this decision yourself and with your teachers and family members. Listen to your gut feelings.

Streams available after class 10th

1. Science

This is the most popular and chosen stream among all the streams available by the students.

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science along with English with a native language is must in this stream.

In case if you choose medicine line over engineering after 10th then you will be taken in a different platform that is the medical line.

In Engineering, you need to thoroughly grasp the concepts while in medicine you just need to commemorate them. Engineering requires a logical approach and perceiving power while the medical line requires learning skills.

For entering the Engineering field you should take up PCM or MPC and for medicine, you should take up PCB or BiPC.

A major advantage of opting PCM is that students can change the stream if they face any problems they can also opt for Arts or Commerce later.

2. Commerce

The second most popular stream after Science is Commerce.

Hmmm... Best for Business.

If you are interested in economics, numbers, finances then yes Commerce is best for you.

Job options like Charted Accountants, Company Secretaries, Accountants, Investment Banking & Financial Advisors are open under this domain with quite fascinating salary options. However, one has to enroll for professional courses like B.Com, BBA, BMS, BBM, CFA, CA, ICWA, CFP, etc after completing 12th.

This domain consists of subjects like Business Economics, Accountancy, Business Study & Business Law. Understanding of accounting, auditing, income tax, marketing & general business economics will also be given. Some compulsory subjects will be there.

3. Arts

Arts according to the reports is the least preferred stream among the students. In this particular domain, only those students are interested who have an interest in academic research.

But in recent time this domain Arts has emerged as a very sought out career choice as there are lots of opportunities floating in the market for Art students.

Mass Media, Journalism, Literature, Languages, Social Service, History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Human Resource & Economics are the career option one can opt for a brighter future.

There are so many options for students to choose from like Sociology, History, Literature, Psychology, Political science, Philosophy, Economics, etc.

Here beside a compulsory language students get the option of choosing a second language as well.

These are the three streams which students generally take after the 10th standard. The future starts here only with the decision of what stream they are choosing.

You simply have to go through the syllabus and according to the syllabus match your interest criteria with it.

Best of luck and best wishes.