Best PLC SCADA Training in Pune | Best PLC SCADA Classes in Pune

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Best PLC SCADA Training in Pune | Best PLC SCADA Classes in Pune




At Guidance Point, we offer best PLC SCADA training in Pune that can enhance job opportunities for the SCADA trainees. Supervisory control & data acquisition or स्काडा is an automated training course used to analyze the real-time information. It’s now the part of several industries that includes water transportation, energy manufacturing, distribution stations and power generation, industrial plants, and more. PLC SCADA Training in Pune includes security technologies, networking, applications and concept, historical data storage, industry technology framework, programming techniques, and reporting, reporting of the events and parameters, alarm management, and more. This works as a very important ingredient in many industries today.


Guidance Point is the best PLC SCADA institute in Pune with placement assistance. We have well structure training program and modules that are made for both the students and the working experts separately. Our PLC training is been conducted daily days, and we also include weekend classes, which can be scheduled. We offer fast track PLC training in Pune programs for the professionals and students looking for upgrading themselves right away.


Career Scope


In today’s dynamic industrial world, PLC SCADA and Industrial Automation training Pune is a key to success for many businesses. Industries whether small, medium or big are now getting automated fast that clearly reflect demand of the Industrial Automation training program.

Guidance Point offers best PLC course in Pune that involves “practical experience”, and therefore every candidate is been encouraged to conduct every topic, which is discussed for the better knowledge of the world scenario. And such practice of the comprehensive training will allow the candidate to get all skills and concepts effectively and to efficiently apply it onto their work field.


Industrial Automation PLC SCADA training is the highly advanced engineering course that needs hard work and patience, but is equally rewarding. There’s the huge demand for professionals that are skilled in the Industrial Automation PLC SCADA training and command and fulfill fluctuating demands of an industrial automation.


At present, automotive industry is dependent on PLC SCADA. The automated factories have to be configurable and flexible, and for it use of switches, valves, and motors are needed. Thus there is plenty of career scope of the Industrial Automation PLC SCADA training in the terms of employment, innovating new products and career growth. Thus, learners must enroll in the top 10 PLC SCADA training in Pune and make their career brighter and rewarding.



Why opt for this course?


The students after undergoing the training become highly competent to adapt as well as work in such industry thus making them employable in this particular field. The companies get an option of the cheap manpower by using skilled fresh engineers for working into this field. Guidance Point being the leading service provider in Pune and the Industrial field has gained plenty of skilled and professional engineers who were highly absorbed through such training programs. Also, they lay the good platform to Guidance Point service division that has helped us to compete with all our competitors in moving it ahead and keeping up with the latest and innovative technologies. Our training involved hands- on experience of computer operated systems such as Programmable Logic Controller- PLC, Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition-SCADA, variable Frequency Drives- VFD and Human Machine Interface- HMI.




Why Choose Our PLC Course?


Look at the top reasons why you must consider Guidance Point for PLC SCADA Training in Pune:


Global Opportunities


We have got strategic training with many leading manufacturing companies worldwide. Options for the attractive scholarships for the advanced education & job opportunities are available to the selected candidates.


Exposure & Outlook

The fundamentals, industry and faculty visits during our course at Guidance Point empower candidates to develop the global outlook of this Automation sector. Our training programs not just train you over the right practices of the industry, but helps in building strong awareness about next line of the growth opportunities. We work in maximizing your prospects for the successful career in the Automation industry.


Global Learning Standard


Courses at Guidance Point are conducted on Award winning training platform. Our training platform allows learning on the latest technology. Our assessment methodology is made to test as well as benchmark your capabilities in the global perspective.


Quality Education

Each course gives you some unique benefit of testing your skills and knowledge on the global benchmark.



Who Can Learn our Course?


Becoming PLC SCADA programmer is difficult for the beginners, particularly for students who have got no experience in coding. So, by joining the best PLC SCADA Training in Pune, you will be able to start learning this language quickly. We conduct our training for the fresher, graduates and post graduates. Suppose you are the professional who would like to polish your ability, then you can join our training course now.



Professional growth, higher compensation as well as validation of skill are some popular reasons why professionals and individuals seek PLC SCADA certifications. Keeping that in mind, Guidance Point offers you with the certification in innovative and latest technologies that will help you reach your PLC certification goals.


About Trainers:-

At Guidance Point, our trainers are highly committed in providing you the high quality training as well as Engineering solutions that becomes our primary identity as the leading service provider. Such unique identity of trainer makes us to standout from our competitors. We truly believe in operating through the well-defined system & procedures, for more details you can check out our PLC SCADA training in Pune fees on our website. Our trainer imparts extensive and in-depth practical PLC SCADA training to the fresh engineers as well as experienced working professionals over diversified industrial automation campaigns used currently in the industry & equip trainees with essential skill sets.



duration of our PLC SCADA training course depend on the kind of training mode that you select for, that is Weekday batch and Weekend batch, online batch or fast track batch. Whatever suits you, for complete free structure, visit our website or you can call or email us.



Popular degrees with salaries

Professionals having good knowledge and experience of PLC SCADA development can fetch a decent salary. Salary for the Automation Engineer for the fresher is 8000 INR to 240000 INR that depends on the different organizations.

The experienced automation engineer will get the salary of 15000 INR to 40,000 INR and more depending on the experience & organizations norm

Suppose you’re working with system integrator of the PLC Manufacturer than Salary can be around 10000 INR to 15000 INR.


Top Companies List

There are many prominent MNCs that have invested highly in the core industry as such combination provides the customized solutions. It increases reliability and productivity to higher extent to meet the desired business requirements. Some leaders in the field are:


  • 1.      Siemens
  • 2.      Schneider
  • 3.      Godrej
  • 4.      Rockwell
  • 5.      Sony India
  • 6.      Honeywell
  • 7.      EA Sports
  • 8.      Multivirt technologies
  • 9.      Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
  • 10.  Cognizant