Top Animation Courses in Pune

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Top Animation Courses in Pune


As we all know that Visual effects (VFX) and 3D animation are all at the peak of the technologies today & are top animation courses in Pune, whether you take the example of the huge multiplex screens or even your small handy smartphones Visual effects & 3D animation has almost driven us to a point where it is nearly impossible to conceive a film, TV program or a video game without any special effects.

Actually, the animation is just about creating a character appear alive and designing a whole new world that looks & feels real! This can only be done when you have the talent to merge your abilities of design and creativity with the best technology and software to furnish your vision to life. That is where we, Guidance Point the best animation training institute in Pune, always comes up with some of the most innovative & excellent courses in India.

Our course (diploma and degree) are created in such a way that you start with the basics and goes on to acquire each & everything that you requires to turn your passion into a profession. The best thing about this course is that you can complete these courses instantly after your 12th and can receive a bachelor’s degree in this (or a diploma) which lets you give the best to start your ideal career right away!

Every learner needs a solid start to make a good career in this particular field i.e. creative arts. We Guidance Point is delivering a diploma in this course which will surely give every enthusiast the best ever opportunity to plunge his/her head-first into the growing world of animation for films, TV 7 Video games. Our VFX diploma program is a combination of traditional and digital art, right from basic to advance. Here you get to sharpen your craft in creating concept art and assets for the films, games and television industries. We provide our students with the practical training which is performed in Chroma studio (fantastic green screen walls with sharp lights and the best cameras) and sound studio (hardware consoles and the best audio mixers).

Some of our deserving students get the opportunity to serve on live projects with specialized artists from our an associate company, Toolbox Studio, which is right now one of the top commercial studios that is regularly & effectively creating 3D art and visual effects in India. Guidance Point from its beginning is running the best animation classes in Pune.


Career Scope:-

This animation diploma & degree is similar to your entrance in this very well fascinated visual design industry which consists of graphics design, animation, web, and visual effects. Degree from our institute which is one of the best animation training institutes in Pune is perfect for somebody seeking their future in following fields:-

  • 1.      Graphics Designer
  • 2.      Web Designer
  • 3.      Multimedia Artist
  • 4.      2d Animator
  • 5.      3d Animator
  • 6.      Web Designer
  • 7.      Classical Animator
  • 8.      Pre-production artist
  • 9.      Digital Artist
  • 10.  VFX Artist
  • 11.  Post-production Artist
  • 12.  Av Editors

We put an end to your job worries: Our placement crew is regularly in touch with some of the reputed multimedia and animation organizations. All the learners procuring admission for this versatile course will surely be given 100% placement assistance by the institute.

Why opt for this course?

On thriving completion of this ultimate course, one can look ahead to a satisfying career in various multimedia-related streams within & outside India. Animation at present is a multimillion-dollar industry in India with almost more than 512 animation & media studios. To run these, extremely skilled animators & media artist is eternally their first preference. Shifting a little bit away from Animation, one has the alternative of exploring a good career in Graphics Designing and Web Designing in India & abroad with some very well known entities. You can even carry on with the domain further and can also apply for a Master Degree in Animation subsequent this diploma or degree course. We Guidance point offers you the top animation courses in Pune at a very reasonable fee structure.

Why Choose Our Visual effects (VFX) and 3D Animation Course In Pune?

  • 1.      We've experienced and certified trainers.
  • 2.      After completion of the course program, we offer 100% of job placement to our students.
  • 3.     We will train you in various sections of this course training, which grants complete knowledge.
  • 4.    We focus on both practical and theoretical learning in our Training Locations in Pune.
  • 5.      Our training fees are highly affordable.
  • 6.      We will keep you updated about the latest trends that will help you to get ready for the job.
  • 7.   We have got multiple branches that will allow our students from across the city to enroll in our cloud computing training courses in Pune.
  • 8.   We run different batches on weekdays & weekends so that you may join the batch which suits your schedule.

Who Can Learn our Course?

Our course is suitable for the candidates who are looking to build their careers in Graphic Designing fields.

Visual effects (VFX) and 3D animation is the platform that is used by the company all across the world as well as in almost every digital sector. It gives rise to the whole ecosystem of digital marketing.

Such an ecosystem will create over 1 million jobs in the future & to meet this demand for job new & talented graphic designers will be required.


  • 1.      Free Demo Sessions
  • 2.      100% Guaranteed Placement
  • 3.      Trained 3000+ Candidates from 2010 - 11
  • 4.      Get Study Material Prepared by Industry Experts
  • 5.      Resume & Interview Preparation by Experts
  • 6.      Weekend and Regular Batches
  • 7.      Flexible Timings

Course Overview:-

Module 1

Fundamentals of Design

  • 1.      Colour Theory
  • 2.      2D Designing
  • 3.      Principle of Design
  • 4.      Storyboarding

Module 2

3D Animation

  • 1.      3D Modeling (Interior, Exterior & Asset Modeling)
  • 2.      Texturing (2D & 3D)
  • 3.      Fundamentals of Animation
  • 4.      Understanding Character Setup for Production
  • 5.      3D Lighting & Shading
  • 6.      3D Rendering

Module 3

Fundamental of Animation Clay & Cutout

  • 1.      Stop Motion Animation
  • 2.      Monkey Jam

Module 4

Advanced 3D Animation

  • 1.      Rigging
  • 2.      Character Animation
  • 3.      Camera Animation & Tracking

Module 5

Compositing 101

  • 1.      After Effects
  • 2.      2D & 3D Composting
  • 3.      Colour Correction
  • 4.      Motion Graphics

Module 6

  • 1.      Rotoscopy & Paint
  • 2.      Match Move 101
  • 3.      Camera Tracking


Upon thriving completion of this course, you will be given a course completion certificate & 

1.      Diploma & degree in (Visual Effects & Animation for Film & TV) from Seamedu.

2.      A Qualification Pack (QP) certificate from MESC (Media & Entertainment Skills Council. 

If anyone wants to apply for global certifications, then you are most welcome to give tests at our centers for convenience.

The software which you will be learning:-

  • 1.      Maya
  • 2.      Nuke/Fusion
  • 3.      Photoshop
  • 4.      After effects
  • 5.      Premier Pro
  • 6.      Equalizer
  • 7.      Silhouette
  • 8.      Mudbox/Z-brush

About Trainers:-

  • 1.      Well qualified industry experts
  • 2.      Worked on live projects related to this domain
  • 3.      Having hand-on industry experience of almost 5 years
  • 4.      Trained more than 500+ students


  • 1.      Scheduler class
  • 2.      Batch class
  • 3.      Creational Pattern
  • 4.      Structural design patterns
  • 5.      Behavioral Design Patterns
  • 6.      Design Pattern (Only taken by us)   

Training Centers in Pune:-

  • 1.      Kothrud
  • 2.      Shivajinagar
  • 3.      Wakad
  • 4.      Deccan
  • 5.      Karvenagar
  • 6.      Chinchwad
  • 7.      Swargate
  • 8.      MG road
  • 9.      Camp
  • 10.  Pune Satara Road

Top Companies Using:-

  • 1.      Animal Logic
  • 2.      Blue Sky Studios (Fox)
  • 3.      DreamWorks Animation
  • 4.      Industrial Light & Magic
  • 5.      Pixar Animation Studios
  • 6.      Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • 7.      Weta Digital
  • 8.      Sony Pictures Animation

Popular degrees with salaries:-

Commencing salary depends on a number of distinct factors.

Striking factors are:-

  • 1.      Profile of the employer
  • 2.      Employee skills
  • 3.      Aptitude
  • 4.      grades

achieved by the employee. 

General commencing salary of an animation expert is around 15-20k Rs/month.

Whereas high profile animation studios and media houses, the salary figure will be a little bit higher than those mentioned above.

Students Reviews:-

Saroj Khan –

I was literally fascinated by the universe of animation ever since I was a teenager. Proceeding my career in this field was one of the best decision I took and this program & institute helped me a lot. I presently hold a lot of experience of not just animation but also how to corner clients. Undoubtedly Guidance Point offers the top animation courses in Pune

Aabid Ali –

I learned a lot from this course. I always wanted to pursue the best of the 3D animation programs from the best institute. The time I spent here was amazing and I will miss the academy.

Priya Chourey -

Hello to all.

When I came to Guidance Point, I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to pursue Animation but after completing this course and auditing many different workshops, I’m sure I am on the right track. The course made me for a career for life and I’m now approaching big clients.

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