Non-blind Watermarking scheme for color images

Non-blind Watermarking scheme for color images in RGB space using DWT-SVD   The security and authenticity issues of digital image are becoming popular than ever, due to the rapid growth of multimediaand Internet technology. On Internet, digital images are easily and widely shared among the different users at differentgeographical places. … Continue Reading →

Implementation of Video Forensic using Accordion

Implementation of Video Forensic using Accordion Abstract  In this project, we proposed an audio forensic marking technology which can trace illegal distribution of audio contents. The forensic mark was embedded in the double transformation domain, DWT-SVD, using the quantization method for the purpose of the multi-step tracing. DWT is used … Continue Reading →

Diversity Gain for MIMO Neyman–Pearson

Diversity Gain for MIMO Neyman–Pearson Signal Detection For a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systemadopting the Neyman–Pearson (NP) criterion, we initially derivethe diversity gain for a signal-present versus signal-absent scalar hypothesis test statistic and also for a vector signal-present versussignal-absent hypothesis testing problem. For a MIMO radarsystem with transmit and receive antennas, … Continue Reading →

Efficient Human Object Tracking On Motion Estimation, Background SubtractionAnd Shadow Removal Technique

Efficient Human Object Tracking On MotionEstimation, Background SubtractionAnd  Shadow Removal Technique Abstract  In this paper we present the technical advances and system development for multiplehuman Object Tracking On motion estimation, background subtraction and shadowremoval technique. It includes technique which corrects errors in the image after shadow removal using a reconstruction … Continue Reading →

Latest IEEE Projects 2014, IEEE 2015

Project Title Development of Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)-Based Receipt System for Mobile Banking (Mobile Computing) Mobile devices are becoming more important in daily lives and they also have gained increasing acceptance in banking services, for example Short Messaging Service (SMS)-based mbanking system. In this particular system, an SMS receipt will … Continue Reading →

IEEE Projets on Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Image Processing, Networking

Project Title  1. Adaptive Location-Oriented Content Delivery in Delay-Sensitive Pervasive Applications (Mobile Computing) In this paper, we introduce a delay-sensitive service that involves transmitting large amounts of location-based data to nodes at multiple locations. Given a limited amount of access points (APs) and an abundance of service requests that result from … Continue Reading →

3-D Dental Crown generation in matlab

Dental Crown Generation using Image Processing  ABSTRACT            A dental crown is an artificial restoration that fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape of a natural tooth. It is generally recognized as ‘Tooth Cap’. The process … Continue Reading →


ANDROID LETTER BOX Introduction The Android Mobile Phone Platform by Google becomes more and more popular among software developers,because of its powerful capabilities and open architecture. As its based on the java programming language, its ideal lecturecontent of specialized computer science courses or applicable to student projects. We think it … Continue Reading →