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         The guidance point is here to provide you  home tuition in Pune, connecting teachers, parents and students together. We provide highly qualified home tutors at your door step to work with students of all ages, from Pre-Nursery to intermediate, covering all academic subjects, music and general interest/hobby classes

Every child is different and they differ in their learnHome tuition and grasping ability. Some students learn and understand the concept very quickly, while some may require additional support and attention to help them study effectively and perform well in their exams. But in today’s competitive world, the need to be on the top of the ladder is forever growing

Here are the various benefits of home tuition:

  • Provides Personalized attention:

At school, there is a time limit and a teacher in a class is able to give only limited attention to each student. Due to which, your child may find it difficult to learn the subject or topic very clearly.

  • Tutoring at your convenience:

The primary benefit of home tutoring is the convenience for your child to learn at the comfort of your own home or any other preferable location. It also gives you the flexibility to choose your own preferred days and time of tutoring based on your availability. Learning at the own place leads to better use of study time and help in effective learning.

  • Improved performance:

If your child is weak in any particular subject or topic, with home tuition. He/She can give additional time and concentrate more on that subject or topic. A home tutor will help improve your child’s concentration and improve the overall academic performance. One-to-one home teaching with qualified home tutor will also help analyze areas that need extra efforts and bring your child up to speed.

  • Better Assessment:

With one-to-one attention and home tutoring, Parents and home tuition teachers are better able to assess a child’s growth, performance, and area where he lags behind. Home tutor better understand a child’s learning ability. So they can easily examine and provide regular feedback on the student’s responses as they work. This assessment will encourage and support your children in developing self-learning skills.

  • Improved Grades and Exam Scores:

A private home tutor can provide a student with required support and attention when preparing for tests and exams. Private tuition at home enables students to work smarter. And achieve more in their exams. With a private home tutor, students are able to focus more on a specific problem areas and work hard to improve them by asking question.


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