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Matlab Training in Pune

Matlab training in Pune

Specilization in Training     Posted on: 12 May 2018     Matlab course, Matlab training | Training

Training by Expert faculty: MATLAB Training Course in Pune for students as well as working professionals.


Completely Practical oriented training with Actual Project implementation.

Duration: 45 days      

MATLAB Training Course Outline: 

The training of Matlab will be given by experts from industry who are having years of experience of working on Industrial projects.

The focus of training will be completely practical oriented rather than theoretical approach. Trainers will be focusing on implementation methodologies used in live projects.

Syllabus of Matlab Course: 

Introduction to MATLAB
• MATLAB User Interface Layout
• MATLAB as a Calculator

Working with Variables in MATLAB
• Creating and Manipulating Variables
• Workspace and Variables
• Working with Arrays
• Accessing and Manipulating Elements in a Matrix
• Mathematical Computations with Matrices
• Useful Matrix Analysis Functions

Plotting and Visualization with MATLAB
• Visualizing Data, Importing Data into MATLAB
• Basic plotting commands
• Labeling, Annotating and Customizing Plots
• 2-D and 3-D Plots

Programming with MATLAB
• The MATLAB Editor
• General M-files, Function M-files
• General M-file vs Function M-file
• Examples + Case Study

Different Types of Functions
• Basic Functions and sub-functions
• Function recursion, Variable I/O arguments
• Error handling, Function handles
• Nested functions, Overloaded functions

Iterative Computations and Conditional Statements
• WHILE and FOR Loops, IF-ELSE and CASE

Optimization and Debugging of Codes
• Efficient Memory Pre-allocation and Management
• Performance measurements of codes
• Troubleshooting and Debugging technique

Backbone of GUI
• String, Value, Tag, Handles, Callbacks

Basic operation of a GUI
• Creating GUI using GUIDE
• Layout design of front panel
• Programming of callbacks

GUI Front Panel
• Classes of buttons
• Other display items for Front Panel
• Programming callbacks for items in Front Panel
• Using callbacks as a variable
• Examples + Case Study

·         Basic Image Operations, Intensity Transformations

·         Image Restoration, Morphological Operations

·         Feature Analysis, Filtering & Transforms

·         Colourspaces, ROI, Registration, Img Properties


 Simulink syllabus (15 hrs)

  • ·         Introduction to Simulink Environment
  • ·         Modelling Basics, Advanced Modelling & Features
  • ·         Simulations & Solver Choice
  • ·         Modelling Control Flow



  • ·         Interface & Basic Commands
  • ·         Vectors, Matrices & Arithmetic’s
  • ·         Plotting & Visualization
  • ·         Descriptive Statistics
  • ·         Programming in Matlab


CONTACT: Helpline Number: 9028786784